Activate Android 2.10.1


    1. Protecting Discounts with admin PIN.
      Currently, when you access the Discounts page via Activate, adding a Discount will be verified with an admin PIN.
      To do it, you need to:

      • Add some items to the cart
      • Tap “More” button
      • Tap “Discounts” Tab
      • Tap any discount, i.e. “50% off”
      • Type in admin PIN
        Note! Admin PIN verification should appear for Discounts, Custom Discounts, and additionally - when scanning barcodes.
        In case of Custom Discounts, the admin PIN verification dialog will appear after entering the custom discount amount.

        Remember that Activate will only prompt for an admin PIN, if it’s set via Connect. To set PIN protection per Discount on Connect, you need to:

        • Log into Connect and access Options > Discounts > choose any Discount
        • Go to Details > Requires Manager PIN
        • Change toggle to Requires Manager PIN = YES2. A new “Info” button added to Activate launch screen.
          • Open Activate to access the launch screen
          • Below the green settings gear icon you will see a new “Info” button
          • When you tap it, you will see the NTEP certification number


  1. Weighted items display on receipts.
    • Currently, when items are weighted and added to the cart, Activate receipt should show the ($) and (weight i.e “lb“) symbols


  1. Problems when trying to hide keyboard after swiping manager/employee card.
    • Log into Activate
    • Open left menu > Finalize Day
    • A prompt for manager / employee card swipe shows up
    • Currently: After successful swipe, the keyboard is hidden automatically
  2. Issues when adding custom Tip greater than the amount on the Credit Card.
  3. Discount codes usage not respecting the predefined usage limit.
  4. Incorrect dates displayed on All Orders view. Correct behavior displayed below.
    Before accessing Activate, check your Connect settings:
    -> Open Connect > Settings > Venue 
    -> Navigate to Day Start Time and Day End Time (check or edit your settings) 
    -> All Orders view on Activate should respect your Venue settings. The displayed orders should be shown for the predefined time frame before "rolling over" to the next day by Employees.