Activate Android 2.9.4

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1. Moneris payment – General
Configuration (Basic Steps)
2. Payment Flow – Easy Split mode (a)
3. POSpad error tab



  1. Moneris Payment.

    GENERAL: [ps2id id=’kd’ target=”/]
    -> Activate Android supports Moneris in Easy Split mode  in POS (Point of Sale) only
    -> The gateway supports cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Diners.
    -> Moneris is like any other CC payment, but it can only be used when the device (iPad / tablet / ELO) is paired with special iCMP Ingenico terminal.
    -> On Android side you need a device (Samsung)  paired with iCMP vendor. If terminal IDs needed – they are the serial numbers of swipers (e.g. I6016359)
    -> Payment interface when Moneris is active for Activate account is a bit changed now. Credit Card payment method is separated from Cash button.
    -> lack of digital signature confirmation screen

    CONFIGURATION (Basic Steps):  [ps2id id=’conf1′ target=”/]
    a) pair iCMP paypad via bluetooth with your device( remove all previously paired devices from iCMP itself)

    b) Database – set up the payment gateway in gateway_credentials table for your Venue

    2. PAYMENT FLOW – Easy Split mode

    a) Payment Flow, POS account, Easy Split = YES

    Add some items to the cart and tap the “More” button. This will allow to proceed with Moneris payment.

    Then, tap “Credit Card” button


    Note! Adding TIP for Moneris is not supported yet, but when it will be – adding tip window will show up BEFORE adding payment.

    Next, choose either “Manual Entry” or “Finalize Payment” button.

    When choosing Manual Entry, user is no longer asked to type the CC number using Activate number field. Now all payment steps are done on a paired iCMP device. Using the paypad enter the CC number and then, expiry date. The correct format of expiry date is: MMYY (M=month, Y=year). YYMM would be declined.

    When choosing Finalize Payment user is prompted to swipe / tap the card using iCMP.

    ! SIGNATURE: For Moneris signature confirmation screen has been removed.

    Additionally, since Moneris payments will operate only using iCMP terminal, there will be 2 new screens that would indicate whether terminal is connected and you can finalize the transaction. If terminal is disconnected, there will be no possibility to go on with the payment.

    below – sample “Terminal connected” screen


    3. POSpad error tab [ps2id id=’posp1′ target=”/]

    New tab added in “All Orders” view.

    POSPad error tab is a place where all sorts of faulty transactions go. So those that were declined, the card number was invalid, expiry date was “partly true” and you know…all the possible wrong scenarios. In case when something goes wrong, there comes the rescue “Repair” button.
    “Repair” button is placed next to the wrong transaction and it functions in a very similar way to “Refund”. So it tries to refresh, restore or re-checkout the payment again.

    When “Repair” is tapped, you’ll be asked again to swipe/tap/enter manually your CC number on iCMP. Then, the external device would show the alert message like “Purchase correction”. If the purchase correction is not successful, then the iCMP would show “Refund”. Once again, refund needs to be confirmed by swiping/tapping/entering CC number on iCMP.


Fixed: [ps2id id=’fix1′ target=”/]

  1. Age verification alerts visibility.
  2. Fabric crashes hotfix.
  3. Inventory counts view fix.