Activate iOS 6.7.3


  1. Boca tickets – issues with printed data. 
    -> ticket numbers on printouts are now incremented correctly
    -> Date of Sale and Time of Sale. Those two parameters can now be set via Connect and will be printed on Boca Tickets properly.To do it  go to Connect > Items and choose the existing ticket item or create a new one.
    To create a new ticket click “Create” and select item type “Ticket”.

    Then – set proper Date&Time using “Event Date” field.First, you will be prompted to set the Date

    Next, click the small “clock” icon located in bottom-left corner to set the time.

    As a result, the Event Date & Time will be printed on Boca ticket.

  2. Apply Tax to Fee – fixes.

  3. Givex payment in Easy Split Mode.
    -> Now, when Easy Split is enabled for a Venue (Connect > Options > Permissions Sets > Payments > Easy Split = YES), making Split Transactions with Givex has been improved
    -> Open the app, tap  button to get to Easy Split mode
    -> For first split – tap “Givex” and enter the amount that will be withdrawn from the first Givex card
    -> If you want to add another Givex card split, tap “Givex” button again
    -> Then, enter the amount due manually or just hit “Remaining” if you want to finish
    -> When the card is swiped/scanned/tapped or entered manually, the next Split payment is added. Finally, tap the green “Checkout” button to go on with the payment.
    Note! Currently, balance check is done after each Givex Stored Value payment. 
    -> When processing payment ends up successfully, you’ll see the “Thanks” screen.

    Refunds: Unlike some other payments, Givex does not allow for single item refund. When you look up your order via Connect > Orders you’ll see only Full Payment/Order Refund buttons.

  4. Access to payment options for shared accounts – fixes.
  5. Receipt updates.
  6. Bug fixes