Interact Kiosk 1.5.5


  • Various UI improvements have been made to the application.
  • First level Category sort orders configured through Connect are now respected on the Category screen.
  • Improved support of attributes that can be themed using the JSON. This includes the add to cart button.
  • Added support for manager pins when custom tenders are turned on in Connect.


  • Resolved issue with fees not being applied to orders
  • Resolved issue with fees not printing on receipts
  • Resolved various UI bugs throughout the application

Interact Kiosk 1.0

Interact, Appetize’s new self-service kiosk platform, is now available for use by clients. This intuitive, efficient customer-ordering platform will allow Appetize clients to maximize customer engagement while dramatically lowering staffing costs. Please contact your Sales or Client Success Manager to learn more.

Activate Android 4.5.2

  • Adjust Tip feature now available in Restaurant mode.
    The new Adjust Tip feature is available when using Check/Tab and Quick Transactions.
  • Contactless Payment settings can be set within the Employee Role.
    Please contact your Client Success Manager or Appetize Support
    ( for additional information.
  • Multiple button taps are not required on Customer Facing Displays.
    The Done and Clear buttons required multiple button taps to function with specific hardware configurations.
  • Tax is now applied to the convenience fee.
    Fixed an issue where tax was only applied to the subtotal, not to both convenience fee and subtotal.
  • iPP350 does not re-fire on the signature screen.
    Fixed an issue where iPP350 re-fired when a credit card payment was canceled after selecting a tip and signing.
  • Item quantity does not disappear if a user backs out of the cart screen.
    Fixed an issue where the quantity of items in the cart disappeared if a user backed out of the Checkout/Payment screen. This was only a visual issue and did not affect the number of items in the cart or the price.

KDS 3.15

    • Added a notification option for new orders.
      If you enable this option, a sound will play when a new order is sent to the kitchen. The alert will only play for orders on the Pending tab.
      To enable this option: Settings > Play Sound on New Order.
    • Increased the font size for order modifiers on printed chits.
      Customers complained that the modifier text size was too small.
      The font size was increased to be the same as the parent item.
    • The service printer does not cause KDS to crash.
      KDS crashed when printing requests were forwarded.

Connect 10.18.5


1. New Connect role toggle “Edit GeoTax Not Found” available in Connect → Options → Connect Roles → Orders.

  • If the new toggle is set to Yes (enabled), user can go to the Connect Orders section and edit the GeoTax Not Found Rate. 
  • The system should query the tax rate table and then allow the user to select from a drop down a list of tax rates that have been flagged as GeoTax. 
  • Once the user selects the correct GeoTax, the order tax should be recalculated to reflect the correct tax value. 
  • If the toggle is set to No, the user does not have the ability to edit the GeoTax Rate. 

fig.1 Orders view – Editable Tax view

2. Suite Reports enhancements.

  • Access Suites → Reports → Distribution Report.
  • Set “Item Totals” toggle to Yes
  • The system should generate a report where all items and modifiers with the same unique ID are grouped into a single line item

3. Contactless EMV Payment settings can be set via Options → Employee Roles → Payments → Contactless → select EMV.

Note! The update requires a future version of Activate Android. Once the Android app supporting the feature is released, clients will receive further information.


  1. Fortress payment: under the hood performance improvements.
  2. Vendor Page: added toggle that allows to change Vendor’s status from Opened to Closed. The toggle is placed on Vendor Details page.


  1. Suites: fixed incorrect tax values displayed after rounding, or when orders were exceeding $1,000.
  2. Issues when trying to remove item from Item Package via Connect (Suites panel) → Items → Item Packages page.
  3. Cash Room fixes including:
    3.1. Issue that caused Custom Tenders to display instead of denomination breakdown set in drops on the Cash Room report by denomination breakdown summary.
    3.2. Incorrect calculations shown when checking over/show within the Cash Room on the Vendor Level.
  4. Inventory → Transfers → fixes when deleting items from a planned transfer.

Activate Android 4.5.1


  1. FreedomPay terminal integration. 
    FreedomPay iSC250 terminal device is now supported with Activate (v. 4.5.1).
    Possible payment types on the terminal include:
    – NFC
    – EMV
    – CC payments
  2. Fortress Member Benefits – added ability for customers to choose and decide which discount to apply at the time of making an order.
    Customer may choose between:
    – adding Vouchers
    – adding Campaigns
    – applying order Discounts
  3. Fortress Member Benefits – payments:
    – the system checks total balance and determines if it’s enough to cover the transaction

    • If the balance does not cover the transaction, Activate should reference the allowed to spend amount and apply that to the transaction if that covers the total.
    • If the allowed to spend doesn't cover the total, Activate should take the allowed to spend value and allow the customer, or cashier, to split the transaction to other tender. 

    – the system displays the remaining Fortress balance on the CFD screen after a transaction is performed on Thanks Screen


  1. Updates on Finalize Day view.
    Currently, when user opens the Finalize Day screen, there is a new payment section for Custom Tenders that includes:
    – separate section for Sales
    – Fees, Tips and Taxes section

    Note! The view will only be available, if it's enabled via Connect panel → Options → Permissions Sets → Finalize Day.


  1. Problems with completing transactions after using manual entry on the iPP350 device.
  2. Quick chip payment – bug fixes.
  3. User discounts selected from CFD not applied to Activate.
  4. CFD and Activate sync issues.
  5. Fortress payment crashes when trying to split payment due to insufficient balance.
  6. Blocking UI on cash drawer – permission set not working properly.

Activate iOS 7.4.3


  1. Ability to configure two Skidata portals via Connect associated to one venue.
    How it works?
    • My Venue holds two different events simultaneously
    • I need to set up two Skidata payments (i.e. Loaded Value and Direct Payment) for each event separately
    • With Connect, I create two events, then with Connect Integrations page I add two Skidata payments - each with a different event assigned
    • Then, when using Activate I can select the event type and pay
    To set up Skidata with Connect, you need to:
    • Log into your Venue to Connect
    • Navigate to Venue Settings > Integrations > Skidata Payments
    • Click the blue Create button and fill in all fields
    • Select Event Type and Payment Type from dropdown
    • Change the status to ON = active and save your changes


  1. Rounding operations for All Payment Types / for Cash Only.
    – set rounding allowed payment type for the Vendor Role with Connect (Connect → Options → Vendor Role →  General)
    – make sure that Rounding feature is enabled for the whole Venue in Venue Settings via Connect

    Case1: Set Rounding Allowed Payment Type to All Payment Types
    This setting means that Activate should apply rounding settings for every payment type (Cash, Credit, StoredValue, StoredTicket etc)
    Case2: Set Rounding Allowed Payment Type to Cash Only
    In this case, Activate will round for cash transactions only
  2. Sort Order – view changes.
    Item sort order will now be presented on Activate in the same manner as they are set on Connect.
    Note: Sort Order can be managed via Connect from Connect → Options → Category Groups.
    Additionally, users can now drag Menu items icons on Activate level and place them when they want to. 
    This option can be enabled with Connect → Options → Permissions Sets → Main View → Drag Items = Yes.


  1. All-in-one cash drawer doesn’t open when Auto Print is disabled with Connect.
  2. Opening new tab orders on iPods causing errors.
  3. Adding tip with a different tender in offline mode.
  4. Finalize Day: Server’s Items Sold count.

Activate iOS 7.6.1


  1. Localisation authorisation alert for GeoTax purpose.
    When Activate account is assigned to a Vendor who uses GeoTax option, user will see a new alert message.


  1. Stability enhancements while entering Inventory Count In on iPods and iPhones.


  1. Opening Finalize Day in offline mode – crash fixes.
  2. Issues when trying to close check with Add Tip / Close Check button on Orders screen.
  3. Applying item-level discounts with Loyalty Card.
  4. Lack of customer’s name displayed on checks opened with name.