Activate Android 4.5.3

  • Custom Refunds on previous day orders do not cause instability issues.
    Fixed an issue where executing a Custom Refund of an order from a previous day could cause instability in Activate.
  • Custom Tender obeys Tip Flag in Restaurant Mode.
    Fixed an issue where Custom Tenders in Restaurant Mode didn’t consistently obey the Allow Tip flag.
  • Custom Tender usage obeys set limit.
    Fixed an issue where the set limit on usage of Custom Tenders was not always obeyed.
  • Scan Discount option only displays for vendors with discount codes.
    Fixed an issue where the Scan Discount button would appear on Vendors where no discounts were assigned.
  • Custom Tip keyboard does not display after selecting a preset tip amount.
    Fixed an issue where the Android Keyboard would appear for a Custom Tip after selecting a preset tip amount.
  • Total refund cash amount displays for split transactions.
    Fixed an issue where refunding a split transaction would not display the cash due to be returned.
  • Updater works the same on the iSC250 as the iPP350.
    The Ingenico terminals and iPP350 can now be updated using the same tool.
  • Igenico device does not prompt for payment on the signature screen.
    Fixed an issue where the Igenico device prompted for payment on the signature screen when Quick Chip was enabled.

Connect 10.18.7

Integrate Enhancements

  • CBORD integration is improved for more accurate reporting.
    When meal equivalency is used, the system sends the meal amount.
  • Vendors Report API includes inactive vendors when you add &get_also_deleted=true to the API call.

Inventory Enhancements

  • Transfer docket improvements:
    – Added delivery status
    – Added pack size
    – Added transfer creator name
    – Removed redundant information
  • The Plan a Transfer feature was added to generate transfers for multiple items to multiple locations with a single action.
  • The Cash Summary Report has a new filter. Now drops can be grouped by Teller.
  • Fixed: Skidata tender is included in Total tender calculations on Stand Sheets.

Suites Enhancements

  • The Consolidated Distribution Report can pull by Suite, Vendor, and Category Group when ‘Set Use Item Totals’ is set to YES.
  • Fixed: The PreOrder portal does not display events after the cutoff period.
  • Fixed: The Event Order Report lists prices for item packages only (not for individual items within the package).

Other Connect Updates

  • The Check Sync feature was added for venues and can be enabled at the Vendor Role level.

Report Services

  • Category Sales in Phase 2 Beta Testing.
    All known bugs have been addressed. This report is in Beta phase.
    Please report any issues to Appetize Support (
  • Updated Tender Type Report.
    Now creates a separate tab for each day’s data when the Separate by Day option is selected.
  • Resolved Stand Sheet Beta issues.
    All sorting and data integrity issues has been resolved. The Stand Sheet data can now be used in place of traditional Stand Sheet exports.

Activate iOS 7.6.6

  • Easy Split feature now available on iPod/iPhone.
    Users can split payments between tenders, display discount buttons and fees, and utilize loyalty options.

    Easy Split must be enabled in Connect:
    Permissions Set > Payments > Enable Easy Splits > Yes

    Please contact your Client Success Manager or Appetize Support
    ( for additional information.

  • Adjust Tip feature now available in Restaurant mode.
    The new Adjust Tip feature is available when using Check/Tab.
  • Auto fee logic added to support Restaurant mode.
    When threshold is set to zero the auto fee is applied to each check.
  • Logic added to prevent open checks with identical names.
    When a check is created it cannot use the same guest name or table number as an existing open check.
  • Tax is now applied to the convenience fee.
    Fixed an issue where tax was only applied to the subtotal, not to both convenience fee and subtotal.
  • Thank You screen updated to correct display issue.
    Fixed an issue where the Change amount displayed improperly in portrait mode.

Connect 10.18.6

Cash Room Enhancements

  • Glory Cash Recycler compatible with new Cash Room.
    If you’re utilizing the old Cash Room, contact your Client Success Manager or Appetize Support ( to upgrade.
  • Fixed: Cash Management page reloaded when the Drops field was edited.

Inventory Enhancements

  • Hawking recognizes if multiple Tax Rates are assigned.
  • Fixed: True Up exports occasionally caused time-out issues.
  • Fixed: Vendors could be in an ‘open’ status concurrently in multiple Events.
  • Fixed: Inventory Reports were not pulling by Calendar time.
  • Fixed: Purchase Order PDF exports included quantities for undelivered orders.
  • Fixed: Stock Request Form exported blank if the vendor was in a Counted Out status.
  • Completed additional enhancements in preparation for the Live Inventory redesign.

Suites Enhancements

  • Download all Event Order Reports by Event into a single PDF.
  • Fixed: Suites Distribution Report did not include multiple vendors.
  • Fixed: Some subcategories did not display in the user interface.
  • Fixed: Fees were not taxed in the user interface.
  • Fixed: Old orders were displayed in Activate.

Other Connect Updates

  • Printed receipt displays the correct tax amount for orders greater than $1,000.
  • Contactless EMV Payment settings are available for Android.