Client IOS 6.0.2


1. New design: logo update, icon and colors. We’re changing especially for you to let you enjoy the app even more.



2. Application reliability improvements. Now, less functionality concerns, more pleasant and simple use of features.

3. Location services alert enabled. While launching the app for the first time, location services must be turned on. Without this tracking nearby events does not work. Notifying info appears on the screen.


4. Price next to Merchandise items size select view.


5. Sponsor Terms of Service is available. On the Meals Tab, additional text is shown, which redirects user to advertised item.



1. Tax calculation with and without using amex card evaluation. Using amex card reduces fee value.

Grand total is a summary of subtotal, tip, tax and fee value.

2. Support screen has been redesigned. Feel free to contact our support team in case of any doubts or purchasing difficulties.

Slack3. Ordering items with modifiers cosmetic UI improvements. + and – buttons replaced by additional tab after clicking >.


4. Main Menu structure changes. Only Venues, Account Settings and Support visible.


5. Guest checkout process improvements. While purchasing as a guest user, after clicking Checkout, credit card credentials and e-mail is required before finishing transaction.



1. Alert item is currently sold out display fix. Now, all inventory items are tracked and their amount is shown correctly.

2. Cart view while update incorrect behavior fix. Improper values were shown.

  • Images are also now displayed properly.
  • Sometimes cart was inactive while adding  new items.
  • Pickup text message was not displayed.

3. Black screen during user registration correction. Now, the process is fully handy.

4. Require single modifier option workflow fix. Now, enabling only one additional item is displayed properly.

5. GPS connection lost after app launch. While launching the app, after GPS was disabled, the connection was lost. Now, GPS is detected correctly.