Connect 10.19.7

Cash Room Updates

  • Vendors added to an Inventory Event will now automatically populate in the Cash Room module.
    To view this change:
    1. Click Events > Calendar.
    2. On the Events Calendar page, click on a day to add an Event.
    3. In the Add Event window, perform the following tasks:
      • Set the Include Inventory Event option to Yes.
      • Enter the necessary information and then click Continue.
      • Select the desired Vendors and then click Save.
    4. In the Connect menu, click Cash Room > Cash Management.
    5. On the Cash Room page, click the new Event.
    6. On the Event Overview page, the Vendors you added to the Event are automatically displayed.

Mobile Ordering Updates

  • Fixed an issue where guest checkout failed when an invalid phone number was entered.
  • Fixed an issue where the User Seat ID (userSeatId) was not returned in the checkout response.
  • Fixed an issue where users received an error message during checkout and were unable to complete their order.

Suites Updates

  • Added payment method information on the PreOrder Portal Order Summary and Order Confirmation pages.
  • Fixed an issue where item images and prices did not display in the PreOrder Portal.
  • Fixed an issue where the Preorder Event Order Report was missing items when run in bulk.
  • Fixed an issue on the PreOrder Confirmation page where the date displayed as ‘Invalid Date’ instead of the actual event date.

Other Connect Updates

  • Added the ability to customize the order text for KDS Subvendors to include a specific pickup location. When an order has completed an SMS text message is sent to the customer, which includes the custom pickup location.
    To configure this option:
    1. Click Vendors.
    2. On the Vendors page, click the Subvendor you want to modify.
    3. On the Subvendor Settings page, set SMS Notifications to Enabled.
    4. In the Subvendor Pickup Text field, enter a custom message.
    5. Click Save Changes.