Connect 9.0


  1. Dynamic prices introduced. Configure in the Main Menu>Items, decide: when, what kind (percent or amount) and value of price changes. Eg., every Friday, price increases by 2$.
  2. Wristband use limitation. After selected number of declined payments, wristband goes to a venue black list.
  3. New reports for the preordering feature: Pre-Order Sales Summary, Food Production, Label Generation.
  4. Click and Park Integration for Parking Passes.
  5. Any venue can be marked as Campus in the general venue features. In a given venue settings go to: Settings>Venue>General>Is Campus> as shown here:1
  6. Your venue is Campus? Personalize it by creating separate Dorms:dorms1Choose section: Dorms>Add Dorm>fill in mandatory fields>mark your dorm as Active>save the changes. 

8. Add Yelp ID to any Vendor that belongs to Campus Venues. Restaurants with assigned Yelp ID are updated with info on: popularity, rating, votes etc.

9. Weighted Average – a new way of calculating the price of received purchases. Go to: Settings>Venue>Inventory>Cost After Receiving. Choose Last Price Paid or Weighted Average. The new counting formula Weighted Average allows to update the average final cost.


10. New Vendor Settings Open Hours tab added. Open Hours can be reached for Campus venues only. To set your Open Hours go to: Vendors>select your vendor>Open Hours. 
Appetize_Connect11. Brand new feature in purchasing items. Not so hungry? Now, it is possible to order just a part of a product or package. To do so, type in the float number, e.g. 0.50, and check the price of selected quantity. _CON-695__Possible_to_order_part_of_Item_Item_packages_-_JIRA

12. Discounts can be chosen on two levels: item or order. Assigned to vendors and subvendors.

13. New tabs in Connect main menu>Options>Discounts. From now on, default or customized Item Types can be assigned individually to a given discount.
Information about types&items is based on account id and status = Active. types

14. Complete&Transfer button created. It is a simple way to complete and transfer purchased items directly to a selected vendor. To use the button go to: Inventory>Purchase orders>New Purchase order>Create New Purchase order> Complete Purchase order>Click on ‘Mark delivered’ next to newly created order> NEW Button is ‘Complete&Transfer’>transfers you can see on the page Transfers>tab  Transfer. conf

15. In section Roles price levels can be turned on/off by managers depending on event.

16. Category Sales Report moved to section: Reports>Vendor>Sales Breakdown. Pick a date range and Vendor to see the tables with Summary, Orders, Sales, and Payments generated. Available in pdf/csv formats.


  1. Open Price behavior and UI improvements. Price is always visible in Connect, new layout design is introduced.
  2. The Sales Breakdown report for vendors using inclusive tax. New feature –  generate the report on inclusive tax extracted out of sold items.


  1. Parking Pass import using Firefox browser.
  2. Email refund receipt not including refunded modifier information.
  3. Partial refund on weight items.
  4. Fortress timeout incorrect behavior.
  5. The calculation tax column in Category Sales Report.
  6. Several crashes have been detected and improved.
  7. Reports>Vendor>Sales Breakdown Reports>Pick a date range and Vendor to see the tables with summary.
  8. Imported items list has been improved (now: assigned to a particular venue only).
  9. Issues with promo codes, refund points and their calculation solved.