Activate iOS 6.5.11


1. Retail Mode
1.1 Basic Information
1.2 Preconditions (Connect)
1.3 Activate Interface
1.4 Adding Items to cart

  1. Retail Mode
    Retail Mode is a brand new Activate iOS interface for items view. Items are no longer displayed in a form of a grid list with prices and images. Instead, there’s a new search box. The search box allows to type in the name or barcode and find the desired item. There’s also possibility to scan a barcode. Retail Mode is a blessing when there’re so many items that it requires too much time to browse them all.

    For using Activate iOS in Retail Mode, you need to set the correct Permission Set to “YES”.


    -> When Retail Mode is ON, the main view is totally changed. See the below screen.

    -> the only way to look for items is by using the small magnifying glass button or using build a drink feature (if it’s available). Searching is possible only by Name / Barcode
    -> There is no list/grid switch shown on the screen when Retail Mode is ON

    Say, I want to add appetize_connect item to my order.

    1. Type “cheeseburger” or “cheese” or “burger” in the search box.
    2. If the item has barcode set, it can be typed in or scanned. There’s no need to tap the search box to scan an item.
    a) successful scan (using USB barcode reader) -> an item matches it -> it is automatically added to the cart.
    b) unsuccessful scan -> there are no matches -> the error message “No Matching Barcodes” is displayed on screen.
    ** Just to be clear, Barcodes need to be set first on Connect -> Items -> Basic Information. (or imported as items list via Connect)**

    3. If there is only one cheeseburger item available, it is added to the cart immediately and  then, some other items can be added or you can begin checkout.
    The list for showing search results is very simple. It shows only item name on the left and item price on the right.
    Note! If item has “open price”, tap it an you’ll be able to enter the price manually
    And then

    4. If there is more than one result, they are shown on the list below the search box. When you tap an item from search result list, it is added to cart as usual.

    5. When you’re looking for some items that are not in the menu, “No matching items found” text shows up

    6.  When you exit the search and reach the left menu, e.g., Finalize Day and then, you want to search for some items again, tap the magnifying glass icon in top right corner to start again