Activate 5.9.1


  1. Gift card gateway integration. Support for Fortress, GiveX, and Blackboard.
  2. Tip/fee/tax handling for Submit orders. Total order amount with tip/fee/tax shown on submit cart.
  3. Selecting other payment method on a declined transactions.
  4. Cart view UI refresh. Additional buttons for promo codes available.
  5. Order split payment calculations evaluation. Split by percent replaced with split by amount. Ability to pay for the remaining part of order added.
  6. Tip confirmation for iPhone. Tip on House payment available.


  1. Partial refund printing receipts and Restaurant Mode settings adjustment.
  2. Credit card payment in offline mode with tip added workflow evaluation. Alert shown when transaction fails.
  3. Stored login override optimizing.
  4. Gift card payment improper fund workflow correction, balance check before charge.


  1. Shared account login improvements.