Activate iOS 6.1.4


  1. If modifiers and/or additionals are for free , its final 0 value will be hidden from Activate’s main view. To be able to change the new feature go to: Connect>Options>Permissions Sets. If “Hide 0.00 Additional Price” set to YES then Activate would hide the price like it does for open items and just show their name and picture.Appetize_Connect
  2. Brand new option to require name when ordering via Kiosk Checks. This new permission means that when customer requests it – while creating a new order “Enter Name” window pops up. It is all set from Connect>Options>Employee Roles>Check Number. Appetize_Connect
    And how it all looks on Activate’s UI (iPad and iPhone views)


  1. For clients using Activate in Kiosk mode – Submit button that completes orders is refreshed. Now, it is enough to tap it once to finalize the order.


  1. Bugs/crashes detected and fixed.