Interact Kiosk 1.5.0

This release includes the following feature and usability enhancements.

Interact Login
  • Changed the screen that displays when users log into Interact. Now users are taken to the attract screen rather than directly to the order screen.
  • Updated the initial Phone Login screen, so customers receive text notifications about their order. If customers sign-in as a guest, they have the option to enter a phone number (or enter a new phone number if they previously logged in with another number) after they complete their purchase.
  • Users are now able to customize the text that displays when Interact prompts customers to enter their name. The Name field text can be replaced with other relevant text (e.g., Table Tent or Pager).
    To configure this option in Connect:
    1. Click Options > Vendor Roles.
    2. Click the Vendor Role you want to modify.
    3. Click the Mobile Ordering Options tab.
    4. Configure the following fields to customize the Name field in Interact:
      • Customer Name Label
      • Customer Name Hint
      • Show Numeric-only Keyboard for Customer Name

Checkout/payment process
  • Improved the shopping cart. Now newly-added items display at the bottom of the list. If the list is too long to display, the screen automatically scrolls to the newly-added items.
  • Removed the ‘Add Loyalty’ button for credit card payments. If the business has configured a stored value or loyalty program in Connect, users are prompted to apply the loyalty option before the payment option is selected.
  • Improved the imagery and directional text displayed for the SKIDATA payment option.
  • Improved the imagery and text displayed for the credit and debit card payment options.
  • Added support for item-level SKIDATA Member Benefits. Users can apply the benefits in a single scan/swipe along with available SKIDATA Loaded Value amounts. This release does not include order-level discounts.
  • Removed the ‘Back’ button from the Signature screen. If customers wish to cancel their payment, they must cancel the order.
  • Improved printed receipts. Added a space between the order prefix and check number, so it’s easier to read. Updated the prefix field to allow for 10 characters (previously allowed 3 characters).