Connect 10.19.13

Suites Updates

  • Updated the Distribution Report to include a Page Break option.
    When the Page Break option is set to Yes, each suite order is listed on a separate page. The Page Break option is only available when the ‘Use Item Totals in Report’ option is set to No.
  • Fixed an issue in the Event Order Report where updates to the Captain Notes were not always reflected in the printed report of All Orders. This issue did not occur in printed reports for individual orders.

Other Connect Updates

  • Improved the WCS SAP Sales Export (Settings > Integration Jobs > Custom Exports). This export now includes the User Name. The User Name field replaced the Node(Register) field.
  • Fixed an issue in the Category Sales Reports where discounts associated with modifiers were not included in the reports.
  • Fixed an issue where the assigned event Price Level for modifiers did not load.
    The modifiers only pulled the Cost field configured on the Details page. They did not pull the prices configured for the levels.
  • Fixed an issue where Items were not added to Connect properly during the import process due to the price not being added in the database.
  • Fixed an issue in the True Up beta where the total was not reset after an input value was removed from a count field, which resulted in an incorrect value.