Connect 10.18.3


  1. A new “Combine Checks” setting has been added to Options → Employee Roles.
  2. New role in Connect → Options → Connect Roles -> Cash RoomUsers can now access the new Cash Room role called “Custom Tenders”. When enabled, users are allowed to manage Custom Tenders via Cash Room page.
  3. Skidata Loyalty Points can now be printed on the receipt after checkout via Activate. To manage the new feature, a new toggle has been added to Vendor Role. You can turn the setting on/off via Connect → Options → Vendor Roles → Printing → “Print User Loyalty Points”. 
  4. New toggles have been added to Options → Permissions Sets → Finalize Day:
    – “Custom Tender Sales”
    – “Custom Tender Fees”
    – “Custom Tender Tips”
    – “Custom Tender Taxes”
    The feature will work with Activate iOS 7.5 or later versions. When enabled, the permissions will allow to access detailed information about Custom Tender sales.


  1. Inventory page refinement including:
    – Inventory → Items page enhancements
    – Reports → Inventory → Recap Report: now when generating the report, “Include Subcontractors” toggle is set to YES
    – Inventory → Purchase Orders: ability to export multiple POs into PDF files added
  2. Events → Inventory Events → Stand Sheets:
    – Vendor Sales Summary now includes correct date ranges


  1. Adding Custom Fees – bug fixes.
  2. Inventory: unable to unassign items when adding depletion rates
  3. Errors when creating Inventory Purchase Order with “Completed” statuses.
  4. Updating Price Levels – fixes.