Connect 10.12.10


  1. Under the hood improvements related to outdated YellowDog barcodes.
    1. Small changes have been made into the code
    2. We’ve added “_OLD” text to unused items, so that the new items can take the previously assigned barcodes
      To catch the change, look at the below example:
      -> previously: “Burger” item had “12345” code
      -> changed to: “Burger” item is marked as “12345_OLD”
       now: “Burrito” item can take the “12345” code, as it’s no longer used by “Burger” item
      • Thanks to this change, new products with recycled barcodes from inactive products can be added to Yellow Dog inventory system
      • Old items will be marked as inactive or deleted to not scan duplicates on Activate


        1. KDS – changes when syncing orders between Activate and KDS

        • Orders finalized via Activate should show up in KDS within 20 seconds when no previous order had been placed for a while.
        • Verified Activate orders should show up in KDS within 10 seconds if Orders were placed in succession


  1. Issue with Activate orders that are marked as completed on Connect, but they never went through when finalising purchase via Activate.
  2. Inconsistencies in data between Category Sales Report and Net sales Vendor Breakdown for a single venue.
  3. Some minor problems with closed checks flow when Check Syncing is used on Activate.
    • Open Activate (version that supports Check Syncing)
    • Open check order with CC
    • Add one items to the check
    • Close check order
    • Add second items to the closed check
    • Correct behavior now: second item is rejected. Check has been closed.


  1. FreedomPay contactless EMV payments – changes.
    • Once contactless EMV payments are ready on the Ingenico device, Activate will be sending some data to Connect and then, Connect will send another values to FreedomPay
    • Changed data about transaction type will include point of sale entry mode = “ricc”. This will show that it was a contactless EMV transaction