Connect 10.15.2


  1. Cash Rounding setup on Vendor level.
    So far it was only possible to set cash Rounding on Venue level. Currently, it can also be done per each Vendor separately. To do it, you need to:
    1. Open Connect → Options → Vendor Roles
    2. Select the correct Vendor Role and click to edit
    3. Go to General tab and select the following:
    a) Rounding Type: choose one (none/up/ down/ up or down) - by default the setting "None" (Rounding is not active) is chosen
    b) Rounding Precision: select one option
    Note! It is still possible to set the Rounding per Venue, but the Vendor Role settings will override the Venue settings. 


  1. Issues when using MyCheck payment method to finalize transactions via Activate.
  2. Vendor assignment on Items page.
    1. Navigate to Connect → Items → open any item
    2. Go to Assigned Vendors tab
    3. Click the blue "Add Vendor" button to assign a new Vendor to the item
    To be able to see that button, user needs to have the correct permission assigned.
    1. Open Options → Connect Roles
    2. Select the correct Connect Role → click to edit
    3. Navigate to Items selection
    4. Switch the toggle "Assign Vendors" to Yes
  3. Hawking:
    – occasional problems when trying to pay for a new load
    – general feature improvements.
  4. Category Groups: Activate not obeying category group sort. To read more on the proper behavior check the below passage.
    1. Log into Connect
    2. Navigate to Options → Category Group on the left-hand side menu
    3. Click 'Add Category Group' at the top of the page
    4. Add a Category Group and make sure to set 'Sort Order' to 2
    5. Create another Category Group and make sure to set 'Sort Order' to 1
    6. Navigate to Items → Items
    7. Assign one item to the first Category Group you created, and another item to the second Category Group you created
    8. Log into Activate
    Proper behavior: The Group that has 'Sort Order' 2 should be displayed second.
  5. Price Levels by Event – fixes.


  1. Suites → Reports → Distribution Report updates.
    To see the changes we've made in that Report, you need to:
    1. Create a preorder (or use the existing one)
    2. Navigate to Events  Suites  course that contains an order
    3. Click the "Add Note" button under any item
    4. Type a note into the input box that slides down 
    5. Click the add note button below input box so it will slide up
    6. Note should appear in course summary in red text below other item details on right for item with that ID
    7. Click confirm and pay 
    8. Add payment method and checkout
    9. In Connect, go to Suites  Reports  Distribution Report
    10. Download report for your event
    11. Item notes should be visible on report
  2. Suites → Suites menu updates.
    1. Create new Suites menu / open the existing one 
      You'll notice the "Assigned / Unassigned" toggle in the item name row
    • The "Assigned / Unassigned" toggle next to PreOrder price functions as whether this item belongs on the PreOrder menu
    • The "Assigned / Unassigned" toggle next to InSuite Price functions as whether this item belongs on the Event Day Menu / Activate
  3. DeviceOrderID – (a unique identifier indicating device number & combined with a specific order) has been added to some relevant parts of Activate UI to improve offline mode transactions. Check the below table to see where to get the DeviceOrderID.
    1. Connect → Orders → select an order → Local Order ID
    2. Activate → Orders page → Order Details


  1. API endpoints changes in order to get more information and report more data.