Connect 6.5


  1. Cash Actions of all Shared Employees are returned for shared accounts.
  2. Refreshed UI of Report pages.
  3. All event’s Stand Sheets can be exported as one PDF file.
  4. Service Fee text can be configured for each Vendor separately.


  1. Promo Code can be created and used on multiple venues.
  2. Modifiers can be added multiple times to same order with Wizard in Activate App.
  3. Parking Pass updates and improvements.
  4. Improved performance of marking PO as delivered.


  1. Item modal behavior and styling.
  2. Error on Multi Transfer made from Default Distributor.
  3. Modifiers not shown in Activate on Subvendor accounts.
  4. Improved handling of categories in Inventory.
  5. Error on saving Inventory item.
  6. Check Number optimizations.
  7. Issues with editing Promo Code.
  8. KDS orders reappearing when Tab is closed.
  9. Activity switches in Transfers section not working properly.
  10. Incorrect information about number of orders.
  11. Misaligned Cash Room coins and bills screen.
  12. Export assignment file not including items assigned only to sub vendors.
  13. “Separate by day” switch not working properly on Reports pages.
  14. Issue with refunding completed orders in KDS.