Activate Android 4.1


1. General product enhancements related to Table Service feature.
2. Enhancements of transactions made with Split payment.
3. Scanning employee cards to get access to the terminal.
Note! This feature works only for shared accounts.
How this works? Read the below flow:

 - a shared account employee has his/her card with a barcode and associated number prepared

 - employee logs into shared Activate account

 - when on the Pin screen, an employee card can be scanned instead of manually entering a pin

Note! The cards are equipped with a scannable barcode. It can only be scanned if Activate device is paired with the right scanner (specifically, it's called CR5000 Scanner).

 - if the barcode from the card matches the Employee Pin set via Connect, an employee will be logged in automatically

 - if the barcode does not match the Employee Pin, it won't be possible to log in


1. Split Check – crashes.
2. Promo codes – bugfixes.
3. ELO device crashing when trying to select upsell items.