Connect 10.18.14

Integrate Enhancements

  • Added a Host Message response for balance, balance inquiry, and checkout failures.

Inventory Enhancements

  • Updated standsheet logic to remove the vendor item status check.
  • Fixed an issue in the Value By GL Account Report where the Connect username displayed in the Venue Name field.
  • Fixed an issue in Purchase Orders where the PDF formatting was incorrect (two pages instead of one).

Other Connect Updates

  • Fixed an issue where the Hawking module did not display when logged into corporate accounts.
  • Fixed an issue in finalized Cash Room where editing bank templates cleared the drops data.
  • Fixed an issue where standsheets did not pull end counts (act count out) from the previous event.
  • Fixed an issue on the Orders page where the Payment Type and Status columns did not sort in ascending or descending order according to the selection of the user.
  • Fixed an issue with refunds where Skidata Loaded Value tips were not included in refunded order amounts.