Activate iOS 6.1.3


  1. Finally – Finalize Day view updated. There’s a new option called Vendor Totals showing total Vendor sales. Totals print includes information like Finalize Day menu: tender sales/fees/tax/tips, Totals cash owed, average order, items sold; plus a list of items from ordersTo use it, the correct permission set for employee is needed (NO is set by default). Appetize_Connect
  2. Along with Finalize Day change, there’s a corresponding feature in Activate Options>Orders List. It’s Print Vendor totals and it’s a combination of previously existing “print totals” when “Vendor totals” tab selected. The below screen shows how to set it from Connect. Appetize_Connect


  1. Updated grey fonts to white throughout the app.
  2. When items are sold for free or their price is set by a modifier, its final 0 value will be hidden from Activate view. The feature is set from Connect>Options>Permissions Sets. When set to YES, the price is hidden. Appetize_Connect



  1. Crash/Bug fixes.