Interact Kiosk 1.3.2

  • Added the ability to use Interact in Portrait mode.
  • Added an option to download and play a video on the Attract screen.
    To configure this option:
    1. In Connect, click Vendors.
    2. Click the Vendor you want to modify.
    3. In the Vendor Settings window, locate the ‘Theme configuration’ option and perform one of the following tasks:
      • Enter the Vendor theme configuration in JSON format.
      • Click Choose File to import a configuration file.

  • Fixed an issue where the Cardholder Name was not displayed in Connect from credit card transactions in Interact.
  • Fixed an issue where IPP350 did not clear the transaction amount after a successful checkout when using an EMV payment.
  • Fixed an issue where the timeout window displayed on the wrong screen. Now the timeout popup displays in all screens except the Login and Orders Waiting screens.
  • Fixed an issue where Interact Diagnostics files did not contain any information (were blank).
  • Fixed an issue where printed receipts did not include Item information.
  • Fixed memory leak issues to improve performance.