Connect 10.19.15


  • Removed the ‘Bring Items to PAR’ option from the Inventory Events page.
  • Added new ‘Use Par Level’ and ‘Autocomplete Locations’ options.
    The new options are located here: Inventory > Transfers > Plan a Transfer (beta).
    Note: These options are only available if the Advanced Features option is enabled.
    To enable this option:
    1. Click Settings > Venue.
    2. In the Inventory section, set the Advanced Features option to Enabled.
    3. Click Save Changes.

  • Added a Yellow Dog option for Integration Jobs (under Product Import). Now users can configure Yellow Dog integrations and control when they run.
  • Fixed an issue where the Integration Jobs page (Settings > Integration Jobs) did not display.
  • Fixed an issue in the Credit Card Breakdown Report where incorrect card type data displayed for split payment orders.