Activate Android 4.4


  1. Payment workflow – changes:
    – possibility to enable the external EMV card reader to accept a payment as soon as the cart is filled with some items
    – thanks to this change, it is much quicker for the customer to make a purchase and quickly return to their seats
    – once the cash/credit button is pressed the card is authorised
    – if the “More” button is tapped, or split/easy split mode is being used, the reader needs to reset and accept new payment types


  1. Check Sync – performance issues.
  2. Adjust Tip – general improvements and resolution of behaviour for regular and shared accounts.
  3. Optimizing the item image loading to improve performance after the first login.
  4. When adding tip to CC order, it is not possible to tap “Continue” or “Go back”.
  5. Finalize Day view – bugfixes.
  6. Item level tax is wrongly applied on checks after split transactions.
  7. “Print Totals” wrong functioning on All Orders page.