Connect 10.18.5


1. New Connect role toggle “Edit GeoTax Not Found” available in Connect → Options → Connect Roles → Orders.

  • If the new toggle is set to Yes (enabled), user can go to the Connect Orders section and edit the GeoTax Not Found Rate. 
  • The system should query the tax rate table and then allow the user to select from a drop down a list of tax rates that have been flagged as GeoTax. 
  • Once the user selects the correct GeoTax, the order tax should be recalculated to reflect the correct tax value. 
  • If the toggle is set to No, the user does not have the ability to edit the GeoTax Rate. 

fig.1 Orders view – Editable Tax view

2. Suite Reports enhancements.

  • Access Suites → Reports → Distribution Report.
  • Set “Item Totals” toggle to Yes
  • The system should generate a report where all items and modifiers with the same unique ID are grouped into a single line item

3. Contactless EMV Payment settings can be set via Options → Employee Roles → Payments → Contactless → select EMV.

Note! The update requires a future version of Activate Android. Once the Android app supporting the feature is released, clients will receive further information.


  1. Fortress payment: under the hood performance improvements.
  2. Vendor Page: added toggle that allows to change Vendor’s status from Opened to Closed. The toggle is placed on Vendor Details page.


  1. Suites: fixed incorrect tax values displayed after rounding, or when orders were exceeding $1,000.
  2. Issues when trying to remove item from Item Package via Connect (Suites panel) → Items → Item Packages page.
  3. Cash Room fixes including:
    3.1. Issue that caused Custom Tenders to display instead of denomination breakdown set in drops on the Cash Room report by denomination breakdown summary.
    3.2. Incorrect calculations shown when checking over/show within the Cash Room on the Vendor Level.
  4. Inventory → Transfers → fixes when deleting items from a planned transfer.