Connect 10.12.12


1. New confirmation dialogs added to Inventory page.

  • Navigate to Inventory > Items page
  • Create a new item or select the existing one
  • Go to Vendors tab and click the blue Add Vendor button
  • There are two buttons below Vendor Assignment text
  • When you click “ALL” you will see “Are you sure you want to assign all vendors to this item” message
  • When you click “NONE” you will see “Are you sure you want to remove all vendors from this item” message

    2. New Payment Type that will reflect Contactless transactions.

    • Make a contactless transaction via Activate and finalize it
    • Open Connect > Orders > select the correct date range
    • Your Payment Type will be reflected as i.e. “Credit Card – ContactLess” 


1. Day Start Time & Day End Time updated to 24hrs format.

  • Navigate to Settings > Venue
  • Scroll down until you reach the “Day Start Time” and “Day End Time” sections
  • When you click on the dropdowns, there will be option to select one of 24 hours range


    1. Skidata Loaded Value – issues with basic transaction types being declined.
    2. Check Syncing – we’ve fixed the faulty behavior which was adding partial orders to closed checks.
    3. Inventory Reports fixes.
      • Reach Reports > Inventory > Purchase Item History Report
      • Choose date & category
      • The downloaded report used to contain some random items. We’ve fixed that behavior, and now the report shows only the items that are assigned to the preselected category
    4. Inconsistent totals value showing up in Reports > End of Show > Refunds. 
    5. Calculations fixes for Inventory sales calculation on stand sheet and Revenue Reconciliation reports.
    6. YellowDog API syncing problems.


1. Opening & Closing Inventory Events – performance improvements.