Connect 10.13.1


  1. Subvendors added to Vendor assignment import.
    To import items menu first you need to have the correct excel spreadsheet prepared. There’s a new column added to the excel sheet called “Subvendor” where you can enter the correct Subvendor. When your sheet is ready, you need to upload it to Connect by opening:

    1. Connect > Items
    2. Clicking on the button next to "Create" and choosing "Import Assignment"
    3. Uploading the right file
    As a result - menu/inventory items should be shown correctly and assigned to proper vendors & subvendors
  2. Inventory > Items creation setup.
    1. When you click on the blue "Create" button on Inventory Items page, it will not be possible to save the item unless all of the relevant information is completed.
    2. All inventory items must have: Item Name, Sales Unit, Inventory Unit, Purchase Unit, Unit Conversions), Counting, Show Price, Category, Price (when show price is enabled), Warehouse, and Distributor specified
    3. Items that are already saved in Inventory > Items would have to be updated with the above data when you try to edit them
  3. Ability to assign items at Vendor level.
    Previously, the only possibility to assign items to Vendor was from main Items page. Currently, we’ve added a brand new feature that allows you to do it from the Vendor.

    1. Open Connect > Vendors page
    2. Click on one Vendor
    3. There's a tab called "Assigned Items" where you can manually add chosen items to that Vendor 
  4. New Givex payment settings for Employee Role.
    Note! The two settings are for Givex offline transactions. To access the two buttons please go to Connect > Options > Employee Role > Payments Tab

    - You can change the toggle to Yes/No
    - If it's set to Yes for Employee Role, Activate would accept offline Givex transactions 
    - By default, the toggle is set to No 
    - You can set the numeric value in the input below the button manually
    - When you enter i.e. 10 in the input, that means any offline transaction over that amount ($10) would be declined automatically
  5. Adding Tip to Custom Tenders.
    1. Open Connect > Options > Custom tender
    2. Create a new Custom tender, or open the existing one
    3. Under "Details" tab > Basic Information, you can see a new toggle called "Allow Tips"
    4. You can choose Allow Tips to be Active or Inactive for the selected Custom Tenders
    When Allow Tip is active for a Custom Tender, Activate should allow tips to be collected when an order is checked out using that Custom Tender


  1. Importing Assignment for items – Tax Group ID added to the excel sheet.
    1. Open Items page and choose "Import Assignment" from the menu next to the "Create" button
    2. The updated excel sheet should include Tax Group ID for each item
    3. Once you fill the Tax field with proper ID, after importing Connect should recognize the Tax Group and assign it to downloaded items
  2. Inventory Transfers – improvements in workflow.
    - items are automatically added to the transfer by entering quantity instead of clicking the add button 
    - user can choose default transfer unit before adding items to transfer
    - user can change transfer unit for each item added to the transfer
    - additionally, it's possible to preview items added to the transfer (cart) and make adjustments if necessary before confirming the transfer
  3. Corporate Accounts Management.
    A new menu section called "Corporate Admin" available for Corporate Admins
    - Ability to create and assign users through a new Corporate Account Sub-Menu
    - Additionally, admins can create and edit Corporate Connect Roles for that Corporate through a new Corporate Account Sub-Menu
    - Corporate Users should have access to only the Venues selected in their Corporate User Accounts within the Corporate Location


  1. Tax Group being removed from items when trying to change price levels.
  2. Issues with Connect > Options > Connect Role permissions.
  3. Tender Type Report missing sales when separated by day.
    To generate the report, you need to:

    1. Navigate to Connect > Reports
    2. Click on End of Show > Tender Type
    3. Change the toggle "Separate by Day" to Separate (if you want the report to be separated by day)
    4. Choose document type from the dropdown below
    5. Wait for the report to be downloaded
  4. Inventory events & Transfers bugfixes.


  1. Inventory standsheets – performance improvements.