Activate iOS 7.10

New Features

  • Added Mastercard-specific required handling of SAF transactions when the Host is down.
  • Added a user-friendly message which displays when the Verifone device initialization service is unavailable or returns an error. The message instructs users to try again later.
  • Added the ‘Set Terminal Type’ option to the Diagnostics menu. Previously, users had to select whether the Verifone E355 terminal had a barcode scanner or not. If an incorrect selection was made, it could not be undone. Now users can select the ‘Set Terminal Type’ option to avoid this issue.
  • Incorporated transaction logging between the iPhone and Verifone E355 device for Moneris customers.
    • Added a timestamp to the Moneris log.
    • Implemented code to extract, zip, and export log files from Activate when the ‘Send Diagnostics’ button is pressed.
      Note: Logs are available for seven days.

Fixes and Enhancements

  • Modified Activate to reference info.plist lookup tables instead of hardcoded values.
  • Incorporated a more robust connection to the Verifone E355 to eliminate lost connections between devices.
  • Updated multi-language support for various translations.
    • Updated the static views (e.g., grille and liste).
    • Updated the Cheque translation for all Interac transactions.
    • Improved the iOS import strings for dynamic translations.

  • Fixed an issue where information was missing on the Partial Refund email receipts.
  • Fixed an issue where Refund transactions did not process correctly because of the Moneris host timeout.
  • Fixed an issue where Activate crashed when brought to the foreground when trying to reconnect to a Verifone device.