Activate Android

1. Member Benefits 
2. Multiple barcodes scanning for single item
3. Order information updated with device name
4. Venue name added to diagnostics file 

5. Alcohol – (Drink Limit) per order


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1. Member Benefits  [ps2id id=’mb2′ target=”/]
– This new feature enables SKIDATA clients to get automatically assigned discounts per item or per order

– When customers scan their barcodes /swipe card /enter manually their loyalty card, all the assigned discounts are added to the order
– Member Benefits will function in both Activate modes: normal and Retail
– Available ONLY for the accounts with Easy Split enabled

Member Benefits are enabled via Connect and the SKIDATA portal
– Easy Split enabled (Connect > Options > Permission Sets > Payments)

– Connect: SKIDATA  is enabled for the Venue
– Connect Discounts need to be created to link to the Benefit Code

– Next, on SKIDATA settings page (Settings > Member Value) Benefit Codes need to be added. The Benefit Codes must match the Connect discounts in terms of: name, value, type. Benefit Code needs to have the correct user ID assigned and the correct discount ID assigned so that Connect, Skidata and Activate are bounded together 

– Additionally, Skidata Database setup (parameters for Member Benefits) must be set

– Add some items (that have discounts assigned) to the cart

– Tap “More” button that redirects you to “Assign Loyalty Card” button
– Tap “Assign Loyalty Card”. You will be asked to scan the barcode / swipe / enter the number manually

Note! The customer’s Loyalty Card is always scanned before payment. 

At the time when Loyalty Card is being scanned, Activate makes the following actions:

– A call is made to the Member Value System (Skidata)
– Loyalty card information is transmitted
– All “Member Benefits” for the account are transmitted back to Activate
– Activate applies the benefits


If you go to “Other” and tap Remove Loyalty Card -> All the assigned Member Benefits are deleted. The same happens when you tap the “Close Options” button. Then, you can reapply the Benefits when card is added again.

2. Multiple barcodes scanning for single item [ps2id id=’mkfff’ target=”/]

– How this works? One item can have more than one barcode assigned via Connect. Next, scanning any of the assigned barcodes allows to add the same item to the cart


1. Connect -> Items -> Codes tab

2. reach “Codes” tab
3. click “Add code” button and fill in the necessary fields
Code = the name of your Barcode
Type: Barcode

It’s not possible to have i.e. item and modifier with the same barcode and it’s not possible to have the same barcode twice per venue

Repeat steps 1-3 to add another Barcode. The functionality is designed to support multiple Barcodes.

Additionally, some settings are needed on Connect > Employee Role
Employee Role General Page (click YES)

Also, the Barcode Scanner should be enabled via Activate

1. Open Activate
2. Tap username (top-left corner) to open the left menu
3. Choose “Diagnostics”
4. Tap “Enable Barcode Scanner”

Then, if you have barcode scanner attached to your device and item barcodes are generated, they can be applied & used in simple steps:

– scan one of the available barcodes
– result: item is added to the cart

3. Order information updated with device name (Elo Devices) [ps2id id=’odkrr’ target=”/]

– the change has been done under the hood, so no setup actions required from user 

Now, the device model name will be shown on Connect > Orders > Order Details view

4. Venue name added to diagnostics file [ps2id id=’vnmae’ target=”/]
– Venue name has been added to zip file to make it easier with investigation and identification for a given client

To send the file do the following:
1. Open Activate
2. Tap username (top-left corner) to open the left menu
3. Choose “Diagnostics”
4. Tap “Send Diagnostic Info”

As a result, you’ll see the diagnostic file on FTP titled by Venue name

5. Alcohol (Drink Limit) per order [ps2id id=’alco9′ target=”/]
– respecting alcohol limit set up via Connect
– if number of alco items added to the cart is higher than the predefined limit via Connect, Activate should prompt a warning “Maximum number of alcohol is xxx” and block the user from adding more kinds of liquors

Connect Setup:
1. Go to Options -> Vendor Roles
2. Click the correct Vendor Role
3. Reach “Alcohol” tab and set Drink Limit / Limit Amount fields

1. Open the app
2. Add some alco items to the cart
(My limit is set to “3” and I’m trying to add 4 alco items)
3. As a result, warning message is displayed and only 3 alco items are left in the cart


CHANGED: [ps2id id=’chang7′ target=”/]

  1. Changes on printouts in case of offline CC transactions.
    -> now the transaction shows up as “Approved” on the receipt

FIXED: [ps2id id=’fixd’ target=”/]

  1. Loaded Value Custom title button functioning.
  2. Incorrect total printed on receipt (for Easy Split transactions). 
  3. Sporadic errors on Clock In / Clock Out. 
  4. Void Reasons fixed. When doing a refund on Android devices, Void Reasons show up correctly. 
  5. Itemized Receipt printing issues. 
  6. Rounding issues when Tab and Split Tender enabled on Employee Role.