Connect 10.15


  1. Ability to create a new Vendor that is a copy of an existing Vendor.
  2. Added new Connect role to restrict ability to Assign Items to Vendors.
  3. Added Print Group functionality.
  4. Inventory unit has been renamed to Transfer unit to eliminate confusion around the counting/base unit.

    Print Groups

    How it works? 

    • This new feature allows to define what a specific Vendor/Subvendor is selling and to send this information directly to kitchen staff that collects printed orders
    • For instance, there are 3 Subvendors assigned to one Vendor:
    - Subvendor1: sells vegetarian dishes only (Print Group = veggies) 
    - Subvendor2: sells burgers only (Print Group = burgers)
    - Subvendor3: sells salads only (Print Group = salads) 
    • At the moment when some items are ordered, i.e. "salad", Subvendor3 that prepares salads for customers gets a printed information (via KDS) about the order instantly. 
    • Configuration of Print Groups and their assignment is much simpler than assigning Subvendors for items individually. 
    For now, one Print Group will support only one Subvendor. 

    Print Groups setup: 

    1. Create Print Groups via Connect ⇒ Options  ⇒ Print Groups
    Note: You shouldn't add more than one Subvendor to the same Print Group. 
    2. Assign the created Print Group to Vendors / Subvendors. 
    3. Assign Print Group to items. This can be done in two ways:
    3.1 Assign Print Group to Items:
    - navigate to Connect -> Items
    - click on an item
    - open "Assigned Vendors" tab
    - select an Active Vendor
    - select Print Group from the dropdown
    3.2 Assign Print Group to Menu Items via Vendor page: 
    - you've got your Print Group already created
    - navigate to Vendor -> select one and right click on it
    - open "Menu Items" tab
    - assign Print Group from the dropdown to each item 
    - as a result, the Group will be automatically assigned to each item on items page

    Print Groups import and export:
    Apart from assigning Print Groups to items manually, it is possible to import Print Group assignment to items.

    1. Print Groups must be first created and assigned to Vendors.
    2. Items that you want to update must have Vendors assigned.