KDS 3.16


  • Items display in KDS as soon as they are ordered.
  • KDS totals reflect items removed in Activate.
  • Chits show that orders have been paid.
  • All items display when the Easy Split payment screen is accessed.
  • Updated logic to prevent Sub-vendor/Vendor from bumping status.
  • Changed the prefix and status indication colors on chits to improve appearance and usability.
  • Prefixes display on KDS and are printed on the paper chits.
  • Improved performance and communication for local order passing.
  • Removed the ability to refund items and orders from KDS.


  • Fixed an issue where Order IDs did not display.
  • Fixed an issue where the order time was incorrect.
  • Fixed an issue where offline orders were not auto-printed.
  • Fixed an issue where the KDS printed orders despite log out.
  • Fixed an issue where the orders displayed without Modifiers.
  • Fixed an issue where KDS crashed after a check was canceled.
  • Fixed an issue where empty orders displayed on Sub-vendor KDS.
  • Fixed an issue where the Date Picker did not filter orders by date.
  • Fixed an issue where the Checkout Number did not display correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where Table Service did not print seat or item information.
  • Fixed an issue where Additional Notes did not save after they were edited.
  • Fixed an issue where KDS crashed when a user ordered items with modifiers.
  • Fixed an issue where orders from Multivendor Accounts did not show up in Local KDS.
  • Fixed an issue where KDS was online, but Activate displayed an error that KDS was offline.
  • Fixed an issue where Dynamic Orders did not disappear after logging out from Activate.
  • Fixed an issue where the Refunded Orders screen showed checks that had not been refunded.
  • Fixed an issue where there was an error after the status was changed on Sub-vendor order details.
  • Fixed an issue in Split Check where orders disappeared from KDS after the order status changed.
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to change order status from Completed back to Pending.
  • Fixed an issue where an In Progress order changed to Completed status when the check was closed.
  • Fixed an issue where Completed checks returned to Pending status when Split Check was selected.
  • Fixed an issue where Completed partial payments returned to Pending status after the check was closed.
  • Fixed an issue where orders in Table Service mode did not display in KDS until the check had been paid.
  • Fixed an issue where orders were not completed when Vendor and Sub-vendor items were combined.
  • Fixed an issue where the Dynamic Order ID was not refreshed in KDS when Activate connected with the server.
  • Fixed an issue where clearing the cart in Activate did not correspondingly clear the cart in KDS when Dynamic Order Mode was set to ‘Fire on Payment’ in Connect.

KDS 3.15

    • Added a notification option for new orders.
      If you enable this option, a sound will play when a new order is sent to the kitchen. The alert will only play for orders on the Pending tab.
      To enable this option: Settings > Play Sound on New Order.
    • Increased the font size for order modifiers on printed chits.
      Customers complained that the modifier text size was too small.
      The font size was increased to be the same as the parent item.
    • The service printer does not cause KDS to crash.
      KDS crashed when printing requests were forwarded.

KDS 3.13


  1. A small update has been added to KDS order details due to implementation of Restaurants functionality on Activate.

Currently, when you finalize a Restaurant check order on Activate, KDS should display seat number and table number, or customer name on a printed runner chit.

Activate: I open a Restaurant check order (opening at table)
KDS: The printed chit should include information about table name and seat number.

Activate: I open a Restaurant check order (opening with Guest name) 
KDS: The printed chit should include the Guest name and seat number.

Note! When there're both table name and customers name given on Activate when opening a check order, table name always wins => it should always be displayed instead of a guest name.


  1. Crash after scanning barcodes.
  2. Running time (clock for the order) not updating.

KDS 3.1


  1. Current App version is shown under Settings.
  2. Ability to log in using previously stored login credentials with stored login button on the login screen.
  3. Fee and Tax amounts are printed on receipts.
  4. New feature to print out 2 receipt on every prin added to menu.
  5. Venue time taken as “day” (if the venues day is set from 5AM-5AM orders are shown during that time for that day).

Bug fixes:

  1. Date selector missing after Bulk Print.
  2. App freezes when Printer cover is opened or paper is empty.
  3. Performance issues while switching between “Pending” and “Completed” sections.
  4. Several issues with editing Catalog items.
  5. “Sold Out” parameter in item can’t be modified from KDS app.

KDS 3.9


KDS Auto-fire

1.1 What’s that? – short description of the feature
1.2 Example use
2  Upcoming orders flow – a step-by-step description of the new type of orders

-> Auto-Fire – a new feature that allows kitchen staff to prepare orders for a later time.
-> to make it work on KDS, you need to have Pickup Time Selection enabled on Connect. To do it go to Connect > Vendors > (click on your KDS Vendor) > Vendor Settings

-> order is placed at 10:00 am (SDK) for pickup at 11:30 am
-> Prep Time (Connect) is set to 10 min
-> next, this order goes to KDS to “Upcoming” tab. Pickup time – prep time => 11:20 am.


1. Client makes an order (via SDK) and chooses pickup time at i.e. 11:30 am
Note! The feature works only for orders with a chosen pickup time (SDK)

Make an order > choose Pickup Time > confirm with “OK” > Result: Pickup Time is selected
SDK screens 

2. SDK checkout ends in success and order goes to KDS
3. Your order goes to KDS “Upcoming” tab. That’s only for orders with pickupTime set. 

4. Some changes in order’s view
5. Possible actions when order in “Upcoming” status.
-> When order is “Upcoming”, you can change the status to “Pending” only

-> Then, when your order is in “Pending” status, you can change it to: “In Process” or “Completed”

6. Depending on the prepTime settings, the negative time value (for order’s completion) displayed on the Upcoming order is counted differently.
There are 3 definitions that may help you understand the difference:
pickupTime = the ability to order food for later on the current day for a short-term completion like i.e. 60 minutes (config in Connect > Vendors > Vendor > Vendor Settings). This is an SDK setting
prepTime = time needed for the kitchen (KDS) to prepare a given order (config in Connect > Vendors > Vendor > Vendor Settings). This is KDS setting. Once it is set in Connect, it is the default prepTime for all KDS orders

showTime = Time value defined by: pickupTime- Vendor prepTime. When showTime >= (bigger or equal) to now, KDS order automatically moves to Pending page


KDS 3.8


  1. KDS Catalog Permission Parameters added.  Using Permission Sets from Connect, KDS functioning and visibility of some buttons can be changed.

    1.1 Admin PIN may be required on the deactivate button so a kitchen user does not accidentally remove an item from the menu. Set the below permission to YES if you want to restrict Disabled button on KDS to those users who have access to PIN.appetize_connectPermission = YES and then, how it works on KDS:

1.2 Decide if deactivate button (for items) should be visible in KDS > Catalog. By default, it is set to YES = visible. It can be changed here:

And how it looks on KDS (e.g. permission = NO)


1.3 => Decide whether the sold out button should be visible (KDS > Catalog). By default, it is set to YES = visible. It can be changed here:



2. The second thing we’ve added is handling network printers. Printing does not need to be set anywhere, it’s a default feature.



  1. Refunding weight items. In 3.8 version, it will be possible to refund such items without choosing their quantity again. So it will function in the same way as for single quantity “ordinary” items.
    KDS displays the order as Partially Refunded. The actions that can be taken now are:
    – Tap order
    – Tap Issue Refund:
    a) Individual Item = Cancel the existing refund
    b) Entire Orer = Refund the whole order (if only partial refund has been made).
  2. Tab Orders and regular orders view enhanced. Until now, KDS had occasional problems when there were two such orders made simultaneously. Currently, it is improved and works fine.
  3. Receipts. To prevent any double printing, we’ve decided to introduce using database instead of text files for printouts.
  4. Printing receipts after crash optimization.


  1. KDS Catalog issues.
  2. Chit printing.

KDS 3.7


  1. New and handy feature – Scanning printed receipt barcodes. Currently, it is possible for clients to scan a barcode for the given Order ID placed on a printed ticket using Infinea (type of a swiper). Once the barcode is scanned successfully, the correct order shows up on the screen then.


  1. Some issues with orders’ status.