Activate iOS 6.10


1. Multiple barcodes scanning for single item

1. Label with date added to Diagnostics Menu 
2. UI for Check orders – now sortable 
3. Seat info on paper receipts 



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  1. Multiple barcodes scanning for single item [ps2id id=’5j5m’ target=”/]
    One item can have more than one barcode assigned via Connect. After proper Connect configuration, scanning any of the assigned barcodes using barcode scanner attached to a device allows to add the same item to the cart.


1. Connect -> Items -> Codes tab

2. Reach “Codes” tab
3. Click “Add code” button and fill in the necessary fields

Code = the name of your Barcode
Type: Barcode

It’s not possible to have i.e. item and modifier with the same barcode and it’s not possible to have the same barcode twice per the same Venue.

Repeat steps 1-3 to add another Barcode. The functionality is designed to support multiple Barcodes.

Additionally, some settings are needed on Connect > Employee Role
Employee Role General Page > click YES.

Then, if you have barcode scanner attached to your device and item barcodes are generated, they can be applied & used in simple steps:

– scan one of the available barcodes
– result: item is added to the cart

If something’s not right with the attached barcode scanner do the following:
1. Open Activate
2. Tap username (top-left corner) to open the left menu
3. Choose “Diagnostics”
4. Tap “Enable Barcode Scanner”

After that – Activate tries to enable & connect to scanner once again.

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  1. Label with date added to Diagnostics Menu  [ps2id id=’p0o’ target=”/]
    “Last update date” is used to show when a given device has been updated.
    It shows the date of last properly downloaded account’s setup (triggered by login, Refresh button or Push notifications).
  2. UI for Check orders – now sortable when a new check is being opened [ps2id id=’k4m4′ target=”/]
    During a typical in-seat service there are some other opened checks waiting for closure/payment. To clear the huge list you can use a new “Sort” option that allows to sort by: Seat / Order Date / Modification Date.In the above example, I chose to sort by “Seat” and the checks displayed in “Open Check” section are sorted by seat.Note! If “Seat” option is off
    or there are no checks with seat info – sort type: Seat, will not be available.
  3. Seat info (in-seat delivery) updates on paper receipts  [ps2id id=’dm445′ target=”/]
    Now, for Venues that are doing in-seat service, seat number is printed on the receipt.

FIXED: [ps2id id=’3m3n4′ target=”/]

  1. Issues with “seat required” settings.
  2. Different tip selection screens – fixes.
  3. Quickcheckout crashes.