Activate iOS 6.2


  1. Blocking declined credit cards – A new option allowing to block a credit card that was declined during the checkout process. If the option is enabled, it will blacklist such CCs from being used for the event. While processing checkout, the card data is read and checked using the last 4 digits and cardholder name. If there has been a declined payment using the same CC (the app checks it automatically), the card is blocked from future transactions for 5 days and the below alert message is shown:image-15_png

The only thing you need to do on Connect to use it (look at the screen below)


  1. Printed receipts. Now, Vendor Name will be added at the top of the printout.
  2. If you don’t want to finalize CC payments manually (so in order to submit the CC payment you need to enter the card number and expiry date by hand), now it is possible to require a swipe and block the manual credit card entry. Below – Permission Set in Connect Options that needs to be set to “YES”Appetize_Connect

3. ‘Submit payment’ button responsiveness. When using Activate in Kiosk mode it requires single tap only to finalize payment.


  1. Issues with CAD currency.
  2. Bug fixes.