Connect 10.7

1. Order Search screen
2. Inventory – new design
3.1 Inventory Reports
3.2 Reports -> End of Show -> Tender Type
3.3 Reports -> End of Show -> Discounts 

New: [ps2id id=’new1′ target=”/]

  1. Order Search screen [ps2id id=’osc’ target=”/]

    – a new Order Search page in Connect has been added
    – it allows to search for orders based on different search criteria
    – the search results are limited to prevent too much data from being returned
    To access the new page, go to Orders > Order Search.


    – select your criteria and click the search button
    – the page does NOT load any data until the search button is clicked
    – once matching orders are displayed, click on one to see more details

Note! Whenever there’s a field with “amount”, you can choose various methods of selection:When it comes to Wristband payments there are special fields to enter:Displayed result

2. Inventory – new design [ps2id id=’ides’ target=”/]
Settings that were available in old Item Dashboard menu such as: Vendors, Settings, Distributors were moved to Inventory main menu and they are now available as separate pages.

Functionality of the three extracted pages remains unchanged.

3. REPORTS [ps2id id=’repor’ target=”/]

3.1 Inventory Reports [ps2id id=’invff’ target=”/]

A. Inventory Value GL Codes report
B. Purchase Item History Report

These are brand new reports that reflect GL Codes assigned to Inventory Items. It’s practical when Vendors want to get information on the sales of given products.

How to get the reports?
In order to have sufficient data to create the GL Code report, you need to create and assign GL Codes
1. Open Connect > Inventory > Options
2. Go to “GL Account Codes”
3. Click the blue “Create” button
4. Fill in the form

Note! The same code can be assigned to multiple items. 

5. Then open Inventory > Dashboard and choose item(s) that you want to update

6. Go to Sales Code / Cost Code and choose one (or both) from the previously created codes (described in step 4)

7. Then, when you make a Transfer via Inventory > Transfers page, GL Codes will be shown in Reports > Inventory > Purchase Item History.  [ps2id id=’purch’ target=”/]

There’s a new Toggle called “Show GL codes section”

And below – the Result of Purchase Item History Report with GL Codes

8. There’s also the second report showing GL Codes. You can access it in Reports > Inventory > Inventory Value by GL  [ps2id id=’ivgl’ target=”/]

And below – the Result of Inventory by GL Account Codes Report

3.2 Reports -> End of Show -> Tender Type [ps2id id=’tufkf’ target=”/]
This report has been improved so that now it reflects “Custom Tender” information.

3.3 Reports -> End of Show -> Discounts [ps2id id=’drepo’ target=”/]
– This report has been improved so that it shows more detailed information about the applied discounts.
– There’s a separate table created for each discount applied

Fixed: [ps2id id=’fidkdm’ target=”/]

  1. Skidata Member Benefits – fixes with applying discounts.
  2. A field with the applied discounts added on Standsheet Vendor Sales.
    – Currently, when you go to Events > Stand Sheets and Export stand sheet, there would be additional “Discount” field addedand below – the screen from updated Stand Sheets file
  3. Taxgroup / Tax per item fixes.
  4. Venue’s stand sheet values shown incorrectly on exported pdf files.