Connect 10.9


  1. Wristband transactions can now be processed with Braintree payment gateway.


  1. Require Tax Per Item switch is available only for Super Admin users.
    Connect -> Settings -> Venue
  2. Live Inventory
    Currently, when you click on “Live Inventory”, you will be redirected to Default Warehouse page
    Note! (works on RC and PROD environment)
  3. Creating Inventory Event-> Open “Events” and click “Calendar”
    -> Select date – “Add Event” window will show up
    -> Change “Include Inventory Event” to YES-> Scroll down and click the blue “Continue” button-> Now, the next required step to create Inventory Event is selection Inventory-related settings and assigning Vendors


  1. Inventory items display issues.
  2. Reports -> End of Show -> Codes report fixed.
  3. Duplicated items on Suites menu.