Connect 10.16.3


  1. Inventory – changes in naming.
    Currently, when you enter Inventory → Items → click the Create button, you’ll notice that:

    • the field which was previously known as "Counting" is now called "Stand Sheet"
    • the field know as "Show Price" is now called "Chargeable" 
  2. Inventory – ability to group similar events using tags.
    • navigate to Events → Calendar → click to create a new Event → make sure that "Include Inventory Event" toggle is set to YES 
    • in order to make it easier to find the desired events, we've introduced the below changes when adding a new Event: ability to create a tag and assign to events (multiple tags can be assigned) 
  3. New Cash Room report.
    Navigate to Reports → End of Show → Cash Room → Cash Room Cash Summary and download the report
    Notice that the report now reflects a breakdown of drops, banks and adds.
  4. Advanced Ordering enhancements including:
    – ability to run Kitchen Production Report that will consolidate all items sold for an event



  1. Suite Menus – bugfixes.
  2. Purchase Orders totals reflecting $0.