Activate Android 2.9.7

  1.3 “Cancel” Moneris transaction button


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1. Moneris [ps2id id=’modn2′ target=”/]
Moneris payment has already been implemented for Android devices.
Moneris is like any other CC payment, but it can only be used when the device (iPad / tablet / ELO) is paired with a certified iCMP Ingenico terminal. Now, several changes and improvements have been added:

   1.1 Moneris in POS (Point of Sale) [ps2id id=’pos88′ target=”/]

a) Moneris standard payment
– Moneris UI is now a bit changed in POS view 
– no digital signature view, but signature line on printouts will show up 
– “Credit Card” button redesigned. As you can see on the below screen, a small dot (red or green) appears next to this tender type.
Red – if Moneris terminal is not paired 

Green – if Moneris terminal is paired

b) Check orders added
-> When it comes to opening check order – nothing has changed. We’ve only added possibility to open check using Moneris tender.

Note! Check orders will work on Activate if on Connect > Main Menu > Options > Employee Roles > Payments Tab:

Tab is enabled for the account
Split Tender is disabled for the account 

Only then, the “Check” tender will be visible on Activate

– then, when items are added to the cart tap “Check”
Note! If the cart is empty error message appears.
– choose check opening method
– if you want to pay with Moneris  – tap “Open with Credit Card” button
– then select “Open with Credit Card” (i.e for swipe)

–  if you tap the second button “Open with CC – Manual Entry” – terminal should initialize manual entry
– if terminal is supported on this device – prepare the card and you’ll be asked to continue opening check using the terminal

  1.2 Moneris (REST – restaurant mode) [ps2id id=’rest90′ target=”/]

– creating REST orders works as usual – so for the Connect accounts that support Restaurant mode. Previous versions did not support Moneris payments
– The only difference now is that you can pay with Moneris (so only when Moneris terminal is connected to the device)
– if you want to refresh your knowledge of REST mode – go ahead and read on in our Functional docs

1.3 “Cancel” Moneris transaction button [ps2id id=’inlkf’ target=”/]
– When Moneris transaction is being processed – progress spinner is displayed
– Since there might be situations – like terminal not responding we show “Cancel” button after 10-15seconds that cancels the transaction so that we’re not stuck with spinner blocking our UI

– Additionally, a message reminding users to press the physical red button on a paired terminal shows up.

FIXED: [ps2id id=’fkfm3′ target=”/]

1. Updating Activate UI with correct currency.

So, if Canadian symbols are needed, the displayed payments will show C$.
2. Moneris Refunds.
3. Issues with wizard items.