Connect 10.18.2


  1. Connect PreOrdering page – Order Details will now be displayed on the Suite Name.
    • access Connect → Suites → PreOrders view as an admin
    • select an order and check Order Details 
    • order Details will now display the Suite Name 
  2. PreOrdering portal – when you click on a food item, you can see all details of a product.
    • access Suites preordering portal 
    • after clicking on a food item, you will see its: name, price, description
    • you can also see the Goes well with section where additional items are displayed. You can also see their details
  3. PreOrdering portal – access view of current and past orders.
    • access Suites preordering portal
    • right under Profile you can see Previous and Upcoming Orders 
    • Previous Orders page shows the orders of the last 12 months, grouped by event
    • Upcoming Orders page shows orders for upcoming events. 
    Note! Upcoming Orders cannot be edited, and they need to show up there immediately after placing a new order
  4. Event Calendar:
    access Events → Calendar
    click a date to create an event
    there's a new field showing day of the week
    specific days are automatically added by the system once user fills in date start and end date of an event 
    if date range is more than a day, the new field shows multiple days 
  5. Inventory:
    navigate to Inventory → Items  → click Create blue button
    new: you can add SKU (stock keeping unit) number to new inventory item
    adding SKU number is optional for the user
    Par Levels: 
    Currently, you can set Par Levels using Inventory panel. To do it, you need to:
    access Inventory → Settings → Vendor Page → select a Vendor
    the page will list all the items assigned to the selected Vendor
    you can sort the page by: SKU, Name, Category, Track Qty, Low/Medium/High Columns
    additionally, there's a search bar allowing to quickly look for the item from the list
    filtering by category is available too
    bulk editing of items on the list, or manual edition of each item
    Par Levels: 
    while Vendor has multiple items transferred via par levels, Connect generates one single transfer
    all item transfers auto transferred to a Vendor using "Bring Items to Par" function should generate a single transfer ID and transfer docket
    Par Levels: 
    added ability to configure par levels for Vendor so that quantity transferred does not break the transfer unit conversion rate defined for the item.
    now, user can choose whether or not the par amount breaks the conversion rate defined for the transfer unit
    there's a new Use Unit to Par field, where user can choose from the dropdown: Not Set / Purchase Unit / Transfer Unit
    • when Not Set: when par level is calculated, the par amount should not break the transfer unit conversion set for the item
  6. Purchase Orders:
    Supplier tax: 
    added ability to add supplier tax to a delivered Purchase Order
    tax amount is added to the Purchase Order total
    if you download the Purchase Order, the tax amount will be also displayed in the tax field
    Validate a received Purchase Order: 
    an invoice total input field is added on the PO confirm delivery page
    when user selects to complete the order, invoice total input value is validated to purchase order total
    if values do not match, a dialogue message "Purchase Order total does not match to Invoice total. Do you want to continue?" shows up
    user can cancel, or confirm to complete order


  1. User Cash Room – Complete button enhancements:
    • access Connect → Events → User Cash Room 
    • choose the correct event → Vendor → User 
    • click to add bills, coins and credit 
    • click Complete → your event data is successfully updated 
  2. User Cash Room – further enhancements:
    With 10.18.2 release, you're able to define tellers wishing the Cash Room Module to allow reconciliation by teller. 


  1. PreOrdering – deleting items bug fixes.
  2. PreOrdering – issues with incorrect Payment Amount display.
    • you have a created upcoming event (e.g. concert event type) 
    • place an order with a few items and close it to invoice
    • access Connect → Suites → PreOrders
    • select the Preorder → view Order Details
    Grand Total amount is now shown correctly in Payment Amount
  3. PreOrdering – respecting event start time and timezone.
    • access Connect → Events → Calendar
    • create an upcoming event and select start time & end time 
    • continue and save your changes 
    • after saving, the event start time will remain the same as you've set
  4. Logging out of Connect without users’ actions – fixes.
  5. Connect → Advanced Analytics: fixed an issue with enabling Custom Reports.