Interact Web 1.0.9


  • Added a confirmation message which displays when items are added directly to the cart after the Add button is clicked.
  • Improved the behavior of the Add button on the menu page. To make the ordering process easier, we added the ability for guests to quickly add items to the cart with one click when Wizard Steps are not defined for the item.
  • Improved the mobile view on the menu page by adding a background color to the category names on the Restaurant Offerings page, so it’s easier to read the category name. The background color uses the color selected in the Color Highlight field in Connect (Interact Web > Settings).
  • Updated the menu page to display Calorie and Calorie Label information for each item as defined in Connect (Items > Items).
  • Updated the menu page to include a new Customize button. The new button displays next to each item and helps guests to make modifications to items they add to their cart. When the Customize button is clicked, users see the screen that previously displayed when the Add button was clicked.
  • Updated the quantity indicator for menu items in the cart. When guests add items to the cart, a red circle displays over the menu item image and indicates the quantity of that item in the cart. This option is available in Theme 2.
  • Updated the cart page to clear the Tip field when all items are removed from the cart.