Activate Android 2.11.0


  1. Split Check
    What is Split Check ?

    • Split check allows users to divide purchased items into separate orders
    • This feature works only for accounts and devices that have Check Syncing enabled
    • How it works? Read the story below:
3 people (Joe, Bob, and Nick) are sitting at one table. On Activate, some items (coke, Fanta, French Fries, Burger) are already ordered. 
They are placed on one check opened by Joe. Bob, or Nick decide to leave. They want to have separate orders.  
Cashier opens Activate and checks their order. He can split the original check made by Joe in three separate orders. 
Orders are split by item. So, for instance, Joe takes his order for coke, Bob for Burger, and Nick pays separately for French Fries. 

Additional information:
→ Split Check is available in POS (Point Of Sale) and REST (Restaurant) modes
→ It is possible to split checks in Offline and Online modes
→ Split Check works only for Venues that have Check Syncing enabled

2. Activate – Split Check Basic Flow

Note! You need to have version with Check Sync, so minimum Activate Android 2.10.0

  • Open Activate
  • Add some items to the cart and tap “Check” button
  • Open the check with name / Credit Card
  • If split check is enabled for the Vendor, you’ll be able to tap Split Check button located at the bottom of the screen
  • Tap Split Check button
  • You will see that a new check is added. Its name is changed. So e.g. I’ve opened the main check (aka. parent check) with name “Joe” and subsequent checks will be named ad “Joe1” “Joe2” etc. You can change the check name. Just tap on the new check (in the name field) and edit it.
  • If you have already two split checks, you can add another – third check. Hit the + button to add more splits
  • Click on items shown on the first opened check (parent check). Then, move the selected item to another Check
  • When you’ve finished splitting items, click the green CONFIRM button at the bottom of the screen
  • Select printing options (print all checks: No/Yes)
  • Your checks go to “Open” tab
  • As you can see, the check is split. It’s no longer displayed as single check.
  • Tap individual check to edit it: add some more items, edit items in cart, closeout the check, print
  • If you want it to closeout check – tap on the correct name, tap closeout check, confirm with OK and select payment method
  • After that, you can go back and closeout another checks that were split
    Note! You cannot closeout a check that doesn’t have items on it.

Note! If you’re adding the same item to the cart e.g. 5 times you need to tap “Breakout” button in the cart with items on Activate menu view. This will allow you to divide the items into separate checks. 

3. Check Printing

  • When you are on Split Check view and you tap the green Confirm button, you  would see the message “Do you want to print all checks? No/Yes”
  • If you choose Yes, all checks will be printed. Then, user moves to check view
  • If No, checks won’t be printed. You can still print them out from Activate > Left Menu > All Orders View / Checks View

4. Connect Setup: 

To setup Split Check for the Vendor, you need to:

a) Have Check Syncing enabled for the Venue

  • Log into Connect Admin panel
  • Click on the correct Venue from Venues list
  • On Venue Details page, you will see a settings button located on the right side of the page next to “Edit” button
  • Click on the three-dots button
  • Choose “Additional Settings”
  • In Venue General section, you’ll find “Check Syncing” toggle
  • Change Check Syncing to “Enabled” and save your changes
  • Result: Check Syncing is turned on for the whole Venue


b) Enable Split Check for Vendor Role

  • Navigate to Connect > Options > Vendor Roles and select the correct one
  • Click to edit Vendor Role
  • Change “Enable Split Checks” to YES
  • Save your changes


c) Enable Split Checks for Employee Role

  • Navigate to Connect > Options > Employee Roles and select the correct one
  • Click to edit Employee Role
  • Find “Enable Split Checks” toggle under “General” Tab
  • Change “Enable Split Checks” to Enabled
  • Save your changes