Connect 10.18.4


  1. A new integration added to Connect → Settings → Integrations.
    Integrations page now allows to access Lava tab, where users can setup new lava credentials.
    Note: The page is still being developed, so more features will be added in subsequent releases.
  2. Limiting Purchase Orders to 4 decimal places.
  3. Suites – PreOrdering portal is now fully redesigned.
  4. Lava Loyalty – new option added to Employee Roles.
    – open Connect → Options → Employee Roles
    – select the correct role
    – open External Value tab
    – there you can access the new option: Lava Loyalty (select Yes/No)
  5. GeoTax – a new inclusive tax type added to Connect. It allows users to apply an inclusive tax rate to a defined geo-fence.
    To turn GeoTax on, you need to:
    a) Open Options → Permissions Sets → Payments → “Send Order Location” – choose Yes
    b) Open Options → Vendor Roles → General tab → “GeoTax” – choose Yes
    c) Open Options → Tax Rates → fill in the required fields and make sure that:
    • Tax Type = Active
    • Status = Active
    • GeoTax = Active
    d) Then, a new window will appear under “GeoTax”. There, user should paste GeoJson formatted coordinates (if you need help at this point, contact Appetize support)
    e) hit Import GeoJson format button
    f) the Google map indicating the correct location should show up
    g) After successful setup, when items are added to the cart via Activate, the app calls out and records the devices GPS location and then applies correct taxes
    Note! For more information about Geo Taxes and their calculation, reach out to Appetize support crew
  6. Ability to assign Vendors or Suites to an Event Type without need for Inventory
    – user opens Events → Event Types and creates a new Event Type, or chooses an existing Event Type
    – then, user navigates to “Inventory” and assigns some Vendors, or to Suites tab and assigns some Suites to the Event Type
    – Vendors / Suites that are assigned to the Event Type are automatically assigned to Non-Inventory events when selecting the Event Type
    – Vendors assigned to Event Types are excluded when “Exclude EventType Vendors” is set to Yes
  7. General compliance and protection enhancements.


  1. Adding Tax Groups with GeoTax rates – changes
    – user has a Tax Group that contains GeoTax rate
    – user opens Vendor Role Tax Groups tab
    (The “GeoTax” toggle is switched to No on the Vendor Role page)
    – user tries to assign a tax group that contains GeoTax rate to the Vendor Role
    – the system should block the user from adding the Tax Group and show the following message: “GeoTax not enabled. Tax Group contains GeoTax Rates”.


  1. Calculating Tax Groups added to orders via Activate – fixes.
  2. Issues when adding item (with GeoTax enabled) to order via Activate – lack of order coordinates displayed.
  3. Inventory → True Up Count → calculation issues.
  4. Inventory → Warehouses: deleting items from a Transfer causes the Stock is not returned to the Origin.
  5. Connect Roles – improvements.
  6. Credit Sales in Tender Summary were doubled.
  7. Suites – item packages were not displayed correctly on the PreOrder portal.