Connect 10.12.8


1. Improved UI for inventory items.

  • Navigate to Inventory > Items
  • Check that there is a new filtering option below the search bar called “Items Listing”
  • Click the button(s) to see inventory items that:
    – are recipe items
    – are not recipe items
    – or click “All Items” to get rid of search filtering

    2. Inventory > True Up Count improvements.

    • When you’re on True Up Count page you can see that there is a new “Export Options” button
    • When you click it, you can export various count sheets for all locations 
    • Selecting a blind export excludes current counts. A blind export also should not show the variance value. This field should be left blank.
    • Exporting a not blind export would show current count values on the count sheet
    • Count sheet items should be grouped by category and match with listing in Connect
    • Count sheet should match Connect input fields so that a user can record values for Sales, Inventory and Purchase units

3. Reports Refund toggle added to Venue settings.

  • Open Settings > Venue
  • Scroll down to “Reports” section
  • Check out new toggle “Report Refund”. It has two options: Date Refund / Date Order
  • The new toggle allows to decide on a vendor level, whether the refund date happens:
    on the day of the original transaction = Date Order
    on the day of the refund = Date Refund

    When toggle is set to “Date Refund” you can: 
    1. Make new transactions, and refunded those transactions
    2. Run the Refunds Report (Reports > End Of Show) and see the transactions
    3. Place refunds from orders a week prior
    4. Run the Refunds report for today and totals from both dates will be shown in the total

    When toggle is set to “Date Order” you can:
    1. Make new transactions, and refund those transactions
    2. Run the Refunds Report (Reports > End Of Show) and see the transactions
    3. Placed refunds from orders a week prior
    4. Ran the Refunds report for today and see that only the refunds with orders placed today will be shown


1. Reports > Inventory > Purchase Item History Report.

Event Name drop down menu has been removed from that report as it is not needed there

2. Inventory – user is not allowed to change the item unit of a purchase order when it’s delivered.

  • Navigate to Inventory > Purchase Orders
  • Create a new Purchase Order
  • Mark the Purchase Order as delivered
  • User cannot change the ordered quantity when a purchase order is delivered
  • User cannot change the unit of purchase when a purchase order is delivered


  1. Reports > End of Show > Discount.
    We’ve fixed the display of Grand Total summary for Discounts.
    Currently, when you run that report, you’ll see that summary of Discounts matches the sum of all discounts added for the Venue.
  2. Problems when trying to delete Category Group from Connect > Options > Category Groups.
  3. Inventory Items search – bugfixes.



    1. Problems with assigning Day Parts to items.
      • Open Options > Day Parts
      • Choose already existing Day Part, or create a new one
      • If you create new Day Parts: enter a name and time for your Day Part and Save
      • Hit Items > and select one item
      • Open “Availability” tab and scroll down to Availability. Click the blue “Create” button
      • Click Day Part, select your Day Part and Save the action
      • Result: Day Part is successfully assigned to item(s)
    2. Inventory > Reports > Inventory Value Report 
      We’ve fixed issues with incorrect Quantity and Cost for items displayed.
    3. Vendor stand sheets – problems with auto completing when event is opened.
      • Create an inventory event with at least one Vendor assigned
      • Go to Inventory > Transfers > choose “Create Event”
      • Select warehouse for origin and one of the Vendors assigned to event in step 1 as destination
      • Click “Planned” for Transfers and continue
      • Add some items to the transfer, scroll down to add quantity and confirm
      • Reach the Events section > Manage Events > Open the event using the “hamburger” menu
      • Choose view stand sheets
      • Correct behavior now: Vendors that have planned transfers for the event should be in opened status

4. Skidata Loaded Value
– changes in repositories. Additional information about location added.

5. Reports – issues with custom refunds.
When performing custom refunds at Point Of Sale, those refunds were not reflected on Connect Reports such as: Tender Type, Category Sales.


  1. Closing Vendors in Events – performance improvements.
  2. Under the hood improvements related to outdated YellowDog barcodes.
    1. Small changes have been made into the code
    2. We’ve added “Inactive” text to unused items, so that the new items can take the previously assigned barcodes
      To catch the change, look at the below example:
      -> previously: “Burger” item had “12345” code
      -> changed to: “Burger” item is marked as “12345INACTIVE”
       now: “Burrito” item can take the “12345” code, as it’s no longer used by “Burger” item
  3. Inventory Items – general performance improvements