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1. Skidata Loaded Value
General information
Payment flow
Balance check
Pay with a few loaded value cards
2. Fixed

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  1. Skidata Loaded Value [ps2id id=’lv-1′ target=”/]

    GENERAL INFORMATION: [ps2id id=’gen-1′ target=”/]

    – paying with Skidata loaded value is available as a single button payment
    – with this type of Loaded payment, we use Skidata “fake” money that have an expiry date
    – the payment works mainly with barcodes
    – for Loaded Value, expiration and validation date are checked to make sure that the card can be used. They’re defined in Skidata external portal
    – when Skidata Loaded Value payment is being made, Activate checks the ticket balance automatically. However, it is possible to check the balance manually using “Check Balance” button (read more in BALANCE CHECK section)

    CONFIGURATION: [ps2id id=’config-1′ target=”/]

    a) Database – Skidata Loaded payment entry
    To know technical requirements – reach out to Appetize team asking for    technical documentation

    b) Connect > Employee role > Payments: enable Skidata Loaded Payment and customize the name of your Loaded Value button

    c) Then, the correct vendorID is sent via API calls to Skidata so that a given Vendor is ready to use it

PAYMENT FLOW: [ps2id id=’pf-1′ target=”/]
1. Add some items to the cart.
2. In “Easy Split” mode, tap the “MORE” button. 








3. Tap the Loaded Value customized button.

4. Enter the amount due, or tab the “All Remaining” button.
5. Enter ticket ID and confirm.
5. Tap the green “Complete Order” button.

6. To add tip / finalize payment you need to open the left menu -> All Orders view -> Pending closed section.
7. When tip is added, tap “Finalize Payment” to confirm.
8. Thank you screen shows up. Order goes to “All Orders” -> “Completed”.
Note! You cannot make a refund for Skidata Loaded Value payments.


BALANCE CHECK [ps2id id=’bc-1′ target=”/]

– Checking Card/Ticket Balance is an obligatory step for Skidata Loaded Payment. When processing transactions Activate checks balance automatically, but you can also check that manually. There are a few places where “Check Balance” button is visible.

1. Settings Gear – Balance check.
– in Activate’s main menu (with items) there’s a settings gear button. Tap it to see “Balance Check” option
– then, you will see a list of payment methods available for checking. Choose your Loaded Value payment
– Type or Scan Loaded Value Ticket number and tap “Check Balance” button

– Result: Ticket Balance is being checked

2. Split mode – balance check 
– make an order and choose “Split” payment
– choose two/or more payment methods, i.e., cash & Loaded Value
– choose the cash amount and then enter valid ticket number
– if needed, you can check balance using the button
– if ticket balance is fine, you can tap the green “Authorize Payments” button

3. Check order – balance check

– add some items to the cart and tap “Check” button
– open with CC or with name
– the check is opened, go back to the menu to add some items or choose “Closeout check” option
– if “Closeout check” is chosen, tap “Select Payment Method” button

– once you enter ticket number, you can tap the green “Check” button
– see the result and then, tap “Finalize Payment” button

– finally – “Payment Confirmed” screen should show up

PAY WITH A FEW LOADED VALUE CARDS:  [ps2id id=’afew-1′ target=”/]

– imagine a situation, when your bill is $60, but you don’t have sufficient funds on 1 Skidata Loaded Value card. In this case, when paying $60 bill, the system will take, i.e.:
1st card – $20
2nd card – $15
3rd card – $25

– If all cards are assigned to same user ID, the system will treat them equally and withdraw the needed amount from all cards. 

Fixed [ps2id id=’FIX-1′ target=”/]

1. Double charges fixed – we’ve added logs that can help when looking for the reason of certain errors.