Activate Android


Quick Refund – with order ID

  • a new possibility enabling to refund orders (using order ID) on Activate
  • with order id button is always shown after tapping Quick Refund Button, and it searches order with the same venue ID as current venue
  • orders that were not made on a given device can be refunded via the app
  • no need to go to Connect to issue a refund
  • supported refund types: returning money (cash), money back to your CC, total order refund
  • Activate should present Quick Refund button in top right corner (Main View)appetize_connect_no_subject__-_izabela_komorowska_appdate_pl_-_appdate_dawid_bury_mail

    Quick Refund With Order ID – Activate

  • Tap Quick Refund button and enter Admin Pin
  • Choose WITH ORDER IDedit_post__appetize_release_notes_-_wordpress
  • type order ID that you want to refund and tap Search button – a window with order details shows up
  • click Issue Refund at the bottom of the screen > choose CANCEL -> reject refund, or REFUND -> confirm refund
  • if the action is successful the order details screen turns from green to yellow_no_subject__-_izabela_komorowska_appdate_pl_-_appdate_dawid_bury_mail
  • the refund is updated on Connect in Orders viewappetize_connect