Activate Android 2.10.1


  1. Check Sync updates – additional confirmation when adding items to open Checks.

    • Add some items and tap the Check button
    • You want to add this item to the open Check
    • Choose a check from “Open” list
    • Previously, we’ve encountered some problems with choosing the right check as they were synchronizing and users may have added the new item to the wrong Check by mistake
    • Now: When adding a new item to the open Check you will see a new dialog window that would ask for additional confirmation to make sure that you’re adding an item to the right check
    • New dialog says i.e.:
      Add an item to tab: level/1/4/A
      Would you like to add these items to this open tab? 
      Cancel / Ok 
    • If you’re sure that’s the right Check – confirm with OK
    • Result: item is added to the correct Check


    1. Random crashes when Activate device (i.e. tablet) is connected with paypoint.
    2. App crashes after opening a Check order.
    3. Issues with finalizing payment in Check Sync mode.We’ve fixed the faulty behaviour presented below:
  • Open Activate and add some items
  • Tap on Check and open with Name
  • Closeout the Check, then Split the Check into two CC payments
  • Authorize the payments
  • Tap on Add Tip button on Thank You screen
  • Go to All Orders > Pending Closed
  • Choose “Cancel Payment”
  • Issue: when user decided to tap on CC after canceling the payment and swiping / entering manually CC again, it was not possible to finalise the tranzaction as Tip screen was shown repeatedly
  • Fixed: Now, there’s no possibility to cancel finalized tranzaction4. Different refund amounts for item refund in Split payments.
    Note! It is not possible to perform item refund for Easy Split and Old Split tranzactions.


  1. Check Sync – setup.
    Note! This change is very important, as it changes the way we enable Check Syncing for users. Previously, Check Syncing was turned off/on for the Venue via Connect > Options > Permissions Sets.Now, to enable Check Syncing globally for the Venue, you need to:

    • Log into Connect Admin panel
    • Click on the correct Venue from Venues list
    • On Venue Details page, you will see a settings button located on the right side of the page next to “Edit” button
    • Click on the three-dots button
    • Choose “Additional Settings”
    • In Venue General section, you’ll find “Check Syncing” toggle
    • Change Check Syncing to “Enabled” and save your changes
    • Result: Check Syncing is turned on for the whole Venue