Activate Android 2.8.9


This version of Activate incorporates mainly changes in printing logic.
Activate and Connect support two new groups of Permission Sets: Itemized and CC Voucher.

Itemized = it’s a printout showing purchased items for all types of transactions.
CC Voucher = it’s a printout with CC transaction details, two copies are printed, one for the client and one for the merchant.

  1. Itemized Receipt in Permission Sets. The page contains all permission sets that control printing itemized receipts. Below – a screen showing this brand new page.
    -> Red permissions – turned off (by default)
    -> Green permissions – active (by default)


2. CC Voucher page in Permission Sets.

  • two CC Voucher copies are printed out automatically
  • If the order has at least 1 CC payment, a manual voucher print button will be displayed as a backup
  • CC voucher printing is prioritized – that means printing the CC vouchers (2x) first, then the itemized receipt


3. Other important stuff. 

  • Connect > Employee Role > General > Auto Print button = This will control if the itemized receipt is automatically printed when the order is done.
    Yes = print itemized receipt, No = do not print.
  • Employee Role > Checkout > Require Signature = This will control if the signature should be captured digital or paper.
    Yes = digital capture, No = paper capture.

    • The option would only trigger if the order amount was greater than the Signature Amount value.
  • Employee Role > Checkout > Signature Autoprint = This will control if a paper voucher is printed automatically.
    • Yes = print 2x CC Voucher, No = do not print
    • The option would only trigger if the order amount was greater than the Signature Amount value.
  • REST mode should disable “Require Signature” or set to No so it is paper only
  • Some gateways require printing EMV declines and EMV refunds even if printing is set to No. In the above cases, we override the print settings. Both prints can be the itemized receipt with the proper information (decline or refund).
  • Split Payments – printing X copies of the itemized receipt, one for each split, if Autoprinting is enabled. “Easy Split” would only print 1 copy.

4. Check orders. 

  • After each partial look at the Auto Print option. If YES, print itemized receipt with all items in the tab (i.e. each partial prints all previous partials and the current partial). Basically it keeps printing itemized receipts without payments on it.
  • Closing the tab follows the same logic as a POS order.


  1. Discounts printing and their visibility on receipts.