Connect 10.19.6

Suites Updates

  • Improved Order Details information. Now all values are updated when a PreOrder is closed in Activate.
  • Fixed an issue in the Kitchen Production Report where the quantity of items was not always accurate.
  • Fixed an issue on the PreOrder Menu screen where items included in food and beverage packages were listed multiple times.

Other Connect Updates

  • Added the ability to create a custom header for email receipts.
    To configure this option:
    1. Click Vendors.
    2. Click the Vendor you want to modify.
    3. Click the Email tab.
    4. In the Custom Email Header field, enter a header message.
    5. Click Save Changes.

  • Added Use Count functionality for Member Benefits and Loyalty Card transactions.
  • Fixed an issue in Options > Report Category where the Type sort filter did not work.