Connect 6.11.12


1.Ad Slideshow Tab in the Main Menu>Accounts available. After a selected time period a photo slideshow appears in the Activate. Multiple photos may be added, displayed on Login / Menu /  All screens.


2. Givex payment adjustment. New Givex refund related information on receipts.


Additional information regarding failed order refund transactions.




1. Category Recap Report workflow evaluation.

  • Sales numbers matching Inventory Recap Report.
  • All categories assigned to the Inventory are displayed in the report.
  • Category Recap Report tax calculations improvement. Tax is inclusive, not a sales percent. Go to Main Menu>Reports>Inventory>Category Recap and download an excel file showing income divided into categories, filtered by selected time period.Category_Recap_Report_2016-02-09_02-07-35_xls__1_strona_

Tax is calculated based on Main Menu>Inventory>Options>Categories Tax Rate field configuration:



1. Dashboard related fixes:

  • Transaction breakdown per hour doesn’t show any data. In the Main Menu>Dashboard>Parking>Breakdown Per Hour no data was displayed.


This report shows profits/collected orders number/item number of Parking Passes scanned every hour (24h).

  • Graphs UI improvements. All data correctly displayed and clearly visible.


  • Correct venue time displayed.

2. Cost Of Goods Report (COG) not aligned with Category Sales Report fix. Data in both reports was different, modifiers were improperly displayed, quantities were not calculated correctly.

Go to Main Menu>Reports>Inventory>Cost Of Goods to download a COG analysis. Filtered by selected time period, grouped by popularity, items statistics and overall ranking, all venue category items are shown.


Go to Main Menu>Reports>End of Show>Category Sales to download Category Sales per Venue and Vendor Group/Vendor. It’s related to COG, simpler view focused only on number,type and value of transactions.


3. New event creation process error fix. In the Main Menu>Inventory>New Event after adding an event with Bring items to par switch enabled, it was not displayed on the list.

In the Main Menu>Inventory>Setup select an item and add a PAR value.


When the switch Bring Items to Par is enabled during event creation, indicated PAR value will be the item status when the event starts. Items will be automatically transferred from warehouse to reach the requested amount. If the item amount is already matching, no action is performed.