SDK iOS 2.3


1. Mobile ordering in Offline Mode corrections. Changing Venue is disabled while internet connection is turned off. An alert information is shown.


2. Doubled question regarding seat confirmation during purchase changed. The request appears only once now.



1. Total value calculation during cart edit fix. Totals for items with modifiers were not displayed properly.


2. Merch and concession items view mix corrections. Now, merch vendor item list does not include concession products.

3. Confirmation screen UI multiple information fix. Doubled Convenience fee and Total amount information.


4. Quick beer feature workflow improvement. Incorrect items were displayed under merch with Quick beer featured switched on.

5. Empty nick field after changing account password fix.


6. Add garnish feature in the Build a drink process improvements. The screen could not be closed, items were displayed irregularly, additional improper elements were shown. Now, the feature is fully functional and visible.