Activate iOS 7.3.1


  1. Adjust tip for check orders.

How can I use Adjust Tip feature?
You open a check order and add a tip when finalizing transaction with a Credit Card.
Later, you notice that you’ve added the wrong tip and want to change its amount.
With Adjust Tip feature, you can adjust the tip amount on a check

What I need to know first?
– Adjust Tip works only on Check Orders
– The feature is available for payments finalized with Credit Card, in online mode only

What Connect configuration steps are required first?
To read more about Connect setup, look up release notes for Connect 10.17.2 (point 4).

How does it work on Activate? 
– download the newest Activate version (7.3.1)
– change the Employee Role settings with Connect, to enable the Adjust Tip feature
– log into Activate
– create a new check order, add some items, close out the check and select payment method (in this case, that’s CC)
– swipe the card ( or use manual entry)
– select tip and tap “Continue”
– then, you can tap the “Edit tip” green button to change the previously added amount
– as a result, your previous Tip is changed

If you are logged in 2 devices on shared account and tap "Logout", all tips will be finalized. After this action, there will be no more time to adjust the tips and orders will be immediately sent to Connect. 


1. Offline Mode enhancements:
– users can now use Custom Tender payment method in Offline Mode


  1. Finalizing tab orders – issues with card authorization.
  2. Adding tip to order on Split Check view – fixes.