Connect 6.10.0


1. New report types available:

  • Purchase Item History Report – gives possibility to display item purchase history filtered by date. Select one / all items.



Date (date when item has been received), PO (Purchase Order number), PO Unit (Purchase Order Unit), Qty (received items number), Unit Price (single unit price), Ext Price (total item price), Supplier (name of the item delivery person/company), Invoice/Location/Pack Size/Unit Price are shown.

  • Item Usage Report – additional useful excel file, generated by date, warehouse, vendor, item selection. Gives current item inventory status. Enables to track items quantity across the venue (between warehouse and vendors). As an example, provides detailed information about wastes (wasted products) / comps (employers wastes) around all stands, total units conversion from venue to inventory.



2. For stored payments (Givex/Fortress/Blackboard) trimming additional alphanumeric QR code value is now available. Trimmed, are ready to be scanned. Go to Settings>Venue>Tab Extras.


3. Permission Sets assign for Vendor and Subvendor accounts (feature KDS related). Set up in Main Menu>Items>Vendor Assignment Tab.



1. Tip Enabled switch in Main Menu>Options>Employee Roles>Fee/Tip/Tax Tab setup evaluation. Activate Tip by selecting At charge and decide weather tip is collected before, or on the signature screen.


Tip before sign screen:


Tip on the sign screen:


2. Bank Capabilities workflow improvement. Turn on to allow cash transactions on the created account. Now, value different from 0 may be set and will be shown in Activate. Go to Connect>Options>Employee Roles>Tab General to enable Bank Capabilities.



3. Discount amount on Codes Reports changes. Code reports indicate what promo codes were used for particular items purchase. Also, what’s the price, quantity and subtotal value of items groups. Report is divided into several sections: All codes from venue, Codes per vendor/vendor group, Codes per Account/Account group.

  • The price column has been updated to show the average discount of each item
  • The subtotal column has been updated to show the total discount for each item



1. Connect and Activate related Stand sheet inconsistencies fix. Some values in the Inventory were not displayed properly in Connect.

2. Partial refunds workflow fix. On the receipts, after partial refund whole order value was shown.